Full Series: MLSN Master Classes

Code: SL99908

Dates: September 21-27, 2021

Meets: Varies

Sessions: 3

Location: ONLINE

Course Fee: $149.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.

MLSN Master Classes - a series of classes given by distinguished senior faculty members from Philadelphia area colleges/universities on topics of wide interest, topics that will offer a window into specific areas of the scholars’ deeper study within their fields, as well as their methods and approaches. Interested in a deep dive with someone who really knows the reefs and shoals? These classes are for you.
Fee: $149.00

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Richard Davis

Rick Davis is an archaeologist who studies the human cultural record during the long epoch of hunting and gathering, commonly known as the Stone Age or Paleolithic. He has excavated at many sites in France, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Siberia, and Alaska. For nearly forty years he was a Professor of Anthropology at Bryn Mawr College.


Dale Kinney

Dale Kinney joined the faculty of Bryn Mawr College in 1972 to teach early medieval and Byzantine art; she retired in 2011 after serving eight years as Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Her research is focused on medieval Rome and on the reuse of Roman antiquities (spolia) in medieval art and architecture. Her publications include “The Concept of Spolia” and Reuse Value: Spolia and Appropriation from Constantine to Sherrie Levine, co-edited with Richard Brilliant.


Jim O'Donnell

Jim O’Donnell is the first person in human history ever to decide that rocket science is boring because it was what he grew up watching middle-aged men in blue suits doing from 9 to 5. He set out to find something edgy, dangerous, and thrilling, and so naturally took to the study of Greek and Latin. He has taught at Bryn Mawr, Penn, Georgetown, and Arizona State University, serving as Provost at Georgetown and now University Librarian at ASU. He has been a pioneer in digital scholarship, teaching, and publishing, and his 1998 book *Avatars of the Word: From Papyrus to Cyberspace* explores the long history of reading and media.



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