ONLINE! Bridge: Play of the Hand

Code: SP11115

Dates: May 10 - July 19, 2021

Meets: 12 N to 1:00 PM

Sessions: 9

Course Fee: $113.00

Sorry, this course is full.


Class is for beginners through advanced. Learn the different strategies for Declarer Play as well as some Defensive Play. You’ll learn how to make a plan, develop tricks through finessing as well as promotion and length. How to eliminate losers, ruffing and discarding, while watching out for entries as well as the opponents, and how to manage the trump suit will also be covered. Class limited to 12 students.
Fee: $113.00

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Linda Smith

Linda L. Smith, MBA, University of Pennsylvania. Subsequently, she earned a CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) designation. Linda has worked as an executive at Delaware Investments, Goldman Sachs and now, as needed at Glenmede Trust. She is a winner of the Ace of Clubs award for bridge. As head of Ladies' Golf at Bala Golf Club, Linda was approached by fellow golfers to teach them bridge. That was her inspiration for becoming certified as a bridge teacher.


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