NOW ONLINE! Health at your Fingertips: Self-Healing with Hand Mudras

Code: FH51033

Dates: May 8, 2020

Meets: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Sessions: 1

Course Fee: $45.00

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Mudras are hand-gestures or yoga for the hands. It is an ancient healing practice helpful for overcoming ailments (physical as well as mental) and achieving lasting health, happiness and inner peace. Continuous practice of the mudras will create changes in your body using pulse centers on parts of your hands, which trigger certain healing processes within the corresponding body part. Instructional manual included.
Fee: $45.00

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Course Fee (Basic)Course Fee$ 45.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Member Fee$ 39.00
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Charo Evangelista

CHARO EVANGELISTA CABELLO, ESSENTRICSĀ® Level 1 Instructor, Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and Wellness Advocate, is certified as a TriYoga instructor. She is a meditation instructor, Reiki Master, Director of Inkalight and is a primary teacher at Free Spirit Yoga. Her personal teaching style focuses on expressiveness and derives from the different disciplines she's practiced throughout the years. Charo has been teaching yoga to children, adults and seniors for the past 19 years. In her classes you will experience the kundalini-inspired sequenced flow of postures synchronized with rhythmic breath (Pranayama) and mudra (focus), which will increase your energy and bring mental clarity. Her website is