Churchill's Darkest Decision: Mers-El-Kebir, 1940

Code: SL41501

Dates: June 28, 2022

Meets: 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Sessions: 1

Location: ONLINE

Course Fee: $39.00

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In July 1940, Britain was in grave danger. After the fall of France there was a risk that the Nazis would seize the powerful French navy and use it to spearhead an invasion of Britain. Churchill hoped that the French fleet could be persuaded to join the Royal Navy; however, if negotiations failed then he had to contemplate the unthinkable. This lecture tells the story of how Churchill was eventually forced to make ‘the most unnatural and painful’ decision of his life by ordering the destruction of the French fleet.
Fee: $39.00
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Spencer Jones

Dr. Spencer Jones is a Senior Lecturer and is an award-winning historian and author. He is a Senior Lecturer in Armed Forces & War Studies at the University of Wolverhampton and serves as the Regimental Historian of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. He is the author of several books including From Boer War to World War and The Great Retreat of 1914: From Mons to the Marne. His most recent work is The Darkest Year: The British Army on the Western Front 1917.



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