How Did They Ever Film that Movie Sequence?!

Code: SL51502

Dates: November 12, 2021

Meets: 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Sessions: 1

Location: ONLINE

Course Fee: $39.00

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Certain screenplays floating around Hollywood year after year are branded by industry insiders as “Screenplays That Are Brilliantly Written But Impossible To Produce!” They earn this distinguished moniker not because their subject matter is deemed too politically controversial or socially provocative but because of the physical risks to actors, stunt-people and crew members who could be seriously harmed or mortally injured during filming. These screenplays call for such challenging logistical and technical execution by the production team that the project is deemed impossible to translate from harrowing words written on a page to terrifying images flashing by on The Big Screen. Focus on some of the most captivating, hair-raising and breath-taking sequences ever captured on celluloid from the dawn of the movies up to modern times. The movie directors show-cased will include: Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, William Wyler, Orson Welles, Francis Ford Coppola, William Friedkin and Martin Campbell. (Steamboat Bill, Jr., Safety Last, Touch of Evil, Ben Hur, The French Connection, Apocalypse Now, Sorcerer, Casino Royale)
Fee: $39.00

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Marc Lapadula

Marc Lapadula is a Senior Lecturer in the Film Studies Program at Yale University. He is a playwright, screenwriter and an award-winning film producer. In addition to Yale, Professor Lapadula has taught at Columbia University's Graduate Film School, created the screenwriting programs at both The University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins where he won Outstanding Teaching awards and has lectured on film, playwriting and conducted highly-acclaimed screenwriting seminars all across the country at notable venues like The National Press Club, The Smithsonian Institution, and The New York Historical Society.



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