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Frances Alloway
I have been teaching cooking and nutrition classes for many years as a consultant and employee. As a consultant, I have worked with hospitals, child care sites, senior centers, and libraries including the Free Library of Philadelphia. I have presented programming on Radnor 21 and WGTV television stations that included seasonal food and health topics. As an employee of Penn State Extension and Early Head Start, I co-authored Dining with Diabetes, Totally Veggies, The Mediterranean Cuisine Comes to You curricula and taught hundreds of classes for all age groups. I am a registered dietitian and nutritionist, a certified ServSafe instructor and have child abuse clearances.
I Amalia
As a performer, Amalia has appeared at venues and dance events along the East Coast and in her home state of California. Highlights include performances at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Queens Theater, and opening for the Belly Dance Superstars Philadephia Show at World Cafe Live. She has taught for the past 15 years throughout the Philadelphia area and coached the belly dance club of Swarthmore College. She is passionate about helping people find confidence, fluidity and ease in their bodies through this beautiful dance form.
Amy Anna
Amy B Anna is an artist and attorney living in Media, PA. She is a contributing writer for the film website,, which is a Philadelphia-based site devoted to all things related to film. Her art-related website and blog can be found at
Lee Anthony
Undergraduate degree from Mt. Holyoke, MBA from University of Virginia, grandmother to four spectacular grandkids. Mix that up with experience in hospital administration, Head of a classical Christian school, a pinch of Wall Street and heavy dollop of volunteer work and you have the perfect recipe for an Airbnb superhost. Moral of this story: if I can do it, you can, too, even better. Looking forward to helping you launch into this exciting opportunity.
Kevin Arba
Kevin’s spiritual healing journey began in 2012, when after hitting rock bottom he experienced two miracles that transformed his life. The primary focus of his life became healing himself first, then helping others to do the same. He has devoted his life to learning and practicing various approaches to promote transformation at all levels, including meditation, energy healing, shamanism, nutrition, psychological process work, metaphysics, and astrology. Once he began learning astrology, Kevin was blown away by the depth of insight that could be gleaned from the birth chart. He discovered that the horoscope revealed profoundly useful information that could be used for healing on the physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual levels. He also found that it answered many questions about his true nature and life purpose, and gave him a map to fulfilling his soul’s deepest longings and healing his primary wounds. Kevin’s astrology readings and coaching sessions incorporate everything he has learned. His multi-faceted approach gives him the ability to assist his clients with almost any intention.
Deborah Aronson
DEBORAH ARONSON is a 2001 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and worked in general medicine and surgery in small animal clinical hospitals for over 20 years before focusing on her in-home specialty palliative and end of life practice.
Katherine Barham
Katherine Barham holds a Masters from UVA in secondary English education and an MFA degree in Poetry from Warren Wilson Program for Writers. She retired from teaching English at Conestoga High School, where she developed a writing course titled The Writer’s Craft. Since then she has written a chapbook titled From the Familiar, Moonstone Press, and a book of poems, How It Shone, Atmosphere Press. She currently resides in Rose Valley, PA, writing and birdwatching with her cat, Elliott.
Staff, Barnes Arboretum
Mita Barot
Mita works at a Main Line School District’s Nutrition Department. She frequently entertains large groups in her home in Chester County introducing her guests to the many healthy dishes of India and has been teaching cooking classes since 2009, most recently in St. Mary’s County, MD. Mita is passionate about healthy cooking, entertaining and loves to laugh and have fun while cooking.
Ted Barry
Ted Barry, Senior VP and General Counsel, SKF USA Inc
Eric Bell
Eric Bell is the author of two juvenile fiction books: Alan Cole Is Not a Coward and its sequel, Alan Cole Doesn't Dance, both published by HarperCollins. Alan Cole Is Not a Coward was nominated for the 2018 ALA Rainbow List of GLBTQ Books for Children & Teens. Eric has experience leading workshops and classes in the Philadelphia area. He is eager to bring his unique blend of writing experience, interactivity, and good humor to Main Line School Night.
Cristina Bennett
Through my 15 years of experience in the areas of corporate finance, tax accounting, and personal investing, I’ve realized how important it is to take an active role in managing personal finances and planning accordingly for the future. I am passionate about making a difference in my clients’ lives, providing organization, education, and customized solutions so my clients can pursue both their short-term and long-term goals. I work alongside my clients, first getting to know them personally and understanding their specific set of goals and circumstances so I can help them develop an individualized and comprehensive financial plan. Along with my team, I help clients develop investment strategies for paying for college, retirement income planning, and growing savings effectively all while minimizing tax exposure. I attended West Chester University and have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting along with and MBA from Penn State Great Valley. I hold the FINRA Series 7 and NASAA Series 66 securities licenses. In my free time, I serve on the Board of Directors for the Marshallton Conservation Trust. I enjoy spending time with my husband Eric and two daughters, Annabelle and Evelyn.
Lynn Berkowitz
Lynn Berkowitz, MFA, BFA, with a career in art museums, has developed an array of award-winning gallery tours, experiences, and apps aimed at helping audiences of all ages and abilities engage with a diversity of art ‘isms and approaches.
Richard Berman
Richard Berman, Owner, Pour Richard's Coffee Company
I Berwyn Squash & Fitness Club
Staff, Berwyn Squash & Fitness Club
Owen Biddle
OWEN BIDDLE has been taking pictures for thirty-five years and teaching photography for about thirty years. One thing he loves about teaching is watching his students' unique vision and creativity unfold as they master the how-to's of the camera. He loves challenging his students to see the camera as a tool for creating meaningful images. He also loves studying the masters of photography, and strives to inspire his students to use the lessons that can be learned from those who came before us, both in photography and in art, in general. Owen reports that the whole class has a lot of fun together, following and developing their passion for this wonderful media.
Susanna Blake
Roslyn Blyn LaDrew
Dr. Roslyn Blyn-LaDrew received her Ph.D. in Folklore and Folklife at the University of Pennsylvania and her B.A. in Celtic Languages and Literature at Harvard University, with study abroad in Ireland (Co. Donegal), Scotland (Stornoway, Isle of Lewis), and Wales (Aberystwyth). She was a columnist for the Irish Edition newspaper for about 25 years, until the paper's final issue. She currently teaches Irish (Gaeilge) at the University of Pennsylvania and also teaches Irish and Welsh online. She is also a musician, singing and playing the fiddle with the group Roz an' the Beaux.
Kent Bottles
Dr. Kent Bottles teaches health policy and payment reform at The Thomas Jefferson University College of Population Health in Philadelphia and regularly consults and presents on population health, health care reform, digital medicine, and the future of the doctor patient relationship. He has been a Professor and Chair of academic medical school pathology departments, a Chief Medical Officer of a state-wide integrated delivery system, a President and CEO and DIO of an educational and research collaborative in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a President and CEO of an evidence-based medicine health care consortium in Minneapolis, and a President and Chief Knowledge Officer of a genomics bio-tech start-up company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dr. Bottles has received the following awards and honors: Phi Beta Kappa, The Rodney T. West Literary Achievement Award for the most important article on medical management in 2001 from the American College of Physician Executives, the Resident Teacher of the Year Award from the University of Iowa Department of Pathology, the UC San Francisco Class of 1991 Certificate of Distinction in Teaching for a Major Contribution, the UC San Francisco Class of 1990 Certificate of Distinction in Teaching for a Stimulating Lecture Series, and the Henry J. Kaiser Award for Excellence in Teaching at UC San Francisco for Basic Science.
William Bower
Bill Bower received a B.A. in history from West Chester University (1970) and a M.S. in Education from Wheelock College, Boston, MA (1981). Bill's career at Friends' Central School, Wynnewood, PA spanned four decades (1970122-2012). During his forty-year teaching career, Bill taught lower school history and social studies, middle school ancient civilizations, and upper school American history. He has been a workshop leader and an expert in thematic education. In 2003-2004, Bill taught Lewis & Clarke's journey of discovery for School Night. He is an avid fan of early American flight and eager to share highlights from the Golden Age of Aviation. Bill is glad to return to Main Line School Night.
Donna Boyle
Donna has been competing and performing as a dancer for 30 years. She was the regional dance champion on the national TV show "Dance Fever" and has numerous TV credits. She teaches dance throughout the Philadelphia region and is the proprietor of Party Pros Entertainment & Disco America.
Jennifer Brandt
JENNIFER BRANDT has been practicing family law for more than 17 years. She is licensed both in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is currently a partner at Cozen O’Connor. She also appears frequently as a legal expert on local and national television such as CNN, CNN Headline News, and Fox News. Jennifer received her law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. You can view her complete bio at
Jenn Budd
Jenn Budd was a Senior Patrol agent with the U.S. Border Patrol in San Diego and an intelligence agent at San Diego Sector Headquarters. She worked there from 1995 to 2001. Since leaving the agency due to rampant corruption and the Border Patrol’s culture of impunity, she has become an immigrant rights activist. She regularly speaks on her time in the Patrol and today’s immigration system as an ambassador for Define American and the Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC). Jenn Budd is now considered the most informed expert on Border Patrol. The majority of articles written on the website of SBCC have her input in them whether cited or not. She routinely appears on national and local news programs, several documentaries soon to be released, community panels and speeches, podcasts and radio programs. She is often quoted and consulted on Border Patrol articles for outlets such as The New York Times, Newsweek, The Nation, The Guardian, Washington Post, Daily Koz, NPR, Telemundo, CNN, Politico, Mother Jones, John Oliver, Samantha Bee and many more. She can also be found in the halls of Congress speaking with members on humane immigration policies. Jenn Budd has been interviewed often on MSNBC (Ari Melber, AM Joy, Alex Witt, Chris Hayes) and on Alyssa Milano’s podcast, Sorry Not Sorry. Her more than 35K Twitter followers include Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rick Wilson, Representative Joaquin Castro, Representative Veronica Escobar, Alyssa Milano, Kathy Griffin, Piper Kerman, Rosie O’Donnell, Morgan Fairchild, Jacob Soboroff, Sarah Kendzior and more. Articles quoting Jenn Budd: San Diego Union Tribune (front page profile, February 14 2021) : The Nation (August 10 2020 by Jeanne Guerrero): “Jenn Budd, a senior Border Patrol officer who left in 2001, says the culture has long been steeped in racism and antiquated notions of masculinity.“ Daily Kos (July 29 2020): Business Insider (July 2020): The Guardian (July 27 2020): : “Jenn Budd spent six years working as a senior border patrol agent until 2001 when she blew the whistle on a station chief who was himself smuggling drugs. She was offered promotion in exchange for her silence on the subject, but resigned in disgust. In her years as an agent she got to know Bortac well. She remembers them as the “biggest guys, like the jocks in a football team. They live in tight groups like the Navy Seals, spending their time in military-style training.” In Budd’s experience, Bortac agents are among “the most violent and racist in all law enforcement”. The quasi-military nature of the unit goes beyond their training, percolating into their state of mind. “They don’t exist within the realm of civilian law enforcement,” Budd said. “They view people they encounter in the military sense as enemy combatants, meaning they have virtually no rights.” That strain of extra-judicial aggression runs through everything Bortac does, Budd said. “They don’t do normal vehicle stops. They will rip drivers from their seat, throw him against the side, put him in handcuffs – the same tactics you are now seeing Bortac agents use in Portland.” Mother Jones (July 2020): “For Jenn Budd, a former Border Patrol agent turned migrant-aid volunteer and a frequent critic of the agency, the situation in Portland has brought into sharp relief the myriad problems that have plagued the agency for decades. In a blog post on Sunday, Budd wrote…” The Independent (UK, July 21 2020): “But Jenn Budd, a former senior US Border Patrol agent who is now an immigrant rights activist, says the use of the Border Patrol for interior law enforcement purpose is something that has long been desired by those who serve on the so-called “green line”. This, despite the fact that Border Patrol agents — unlike police — operate in areas in which the usual constitutional protections that Americans enjoy do not apply and receive very little training on how to deal with crowds in a lawful way. “The majority of training that BORTAC does, and even the majority of training the agents do, is more military-style training, so they're going to deal with crowds of people … like you would see soldiers dealing with crowds in Iraq or in Afghanistan,” she said…Budd also pointed to the example of a protester who told Oregon Public Broadcasting that he was seized off the street, taken to a federal building, and searched without a warrant as evidence underscoring the agents’ lack of familiarity with the Constitution.“That's typical Border Patrol, because down here, they don't have to have a warrant to do anything,” she explained. And despite their lack of familiarity with Americans’ basic constitutional rights, she said Border Patrol agents are eager to embrace their newfound freedom to inflict themselves on American protesters because doing so as a “national police force” has long been their goal. Because most Border Patrol agents hold what is known as “1801 authority” — which only grants the power to make arrests and enforce federal law but not conduct investigations — rather than the “1811” authority held by Special Agents at other agencies, Budd said the USBP has long had both an agency-wide inferiority complex and designs on a larger role in the nation’s law enforcement apparatus. “The Border Patrol has always had this elective low self-esteem, that they're not considered to be like, ‘real cops,’ and they're just always pissin’ and moanin’ about how they feel that they should be able to go around and grab anybody up off the streets and do whatever they want,” she said. “And that's what you're seeing out there.” The Nation (July 17 2020): And that’s exactly what makes them so troubling, explains Jenn Budd, a former senior Border Patrol agent. “During the DC protest, many federal agents removed their insignia,” Budd explained, referring to a June 1 protest in front of the White House where protesters were teargassed. “What the agencies discovered was that they could do this without much blowback from Congress,” Budd explained…“‘Mission creep’ is what CBP, Border Patrol, and ICE have been engaged in since 9/11,” Budd said. “There are all sorts of interesting powers that CBP, ICE and Border Patrol have under Title 42 pandemic law, which has been triggered with Trump’s Covid-19 national emergency declaration. Even though he claims we should not be in pandemic lockdown, he refuses to lift the emergency declaration because this gives these agencies more authority. All of this is legal because of vague and broad authorities given to these agencies after 9/11.” Newsweek (11/21/19) by Chantal da Silva: Newsweek (11/29/19) by Chantal da Silva: New York Times: (10/5/19) Senior Border Patrol Agent Faces Charges of Sexually Assaulting Colleague and (9/15/19) Inside the Border Patrol’s Morale Crisis Interviews with Jenn Budd: CBS, Ex-Border Patrol agent says she doesn't trust agency: "Far different than what they portray" (24 Feb 2021): Podcast, American Coyote #1 documentary (Chapter 4 “Operation Gatekeeper” + Chapter 9 “End of the Line”) Podcast, Redirect: Immigration Law and Perspectives (3 Jan 2020): Podcast, Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry (June 2020): June 2020 (4 November 2019, 1 hr): Richard Eskow “The Zero Hour” Q&A Podcast, (1 August 2019) Huffington Post: (19 June 2018) “Former Border Patrol Agent To Current Agents: Refuse Orders To Separate Children Articles written by Jenn Budd: NBC Think: Medium: “The Border Patrol is the Crisis” “Trump is Using Federal Agencies to Invade Your City” Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC): Crooks and Liars: “This is one of the first pieces I wrote on my time in the CBP. I spent time writing on this site to practice my skills.” San Diego Tribune: USA Today:
Tasha Carson
Tasha is a fitness enthusiast with over 25 years of experience. She is an avid hiker, enjoys biking, camping and kayaking. Tasha is the proud mom of 3 active boys and has been a lifetime resident of the Main Line. She has been teaching fitness classes for a little over 25 years and is certified to teach Yoga (all types), Body Pump, Barre, Pilates, step aerobics, weight training.
Carolyn Cavaness
Rev. Carolyn C. Cavaness is the daughter of the late Rev. Harold Cavaness and Ms. Karen Cavaness. A fourth generation preacher, Rev. Cavaness’ great-grandfather, The Rev. Dr. Joseph Slade, Sr., pastored numerous churches in the Philadelphia Annual Conference and in the New Jersey Annual Conference, including the historic St. James AME Church in Newark, NJ. Her great-uncle, Rev. Walter Slade, founded Union Chapel AME Church in Newark, NJ, where Rev. Cavaness served on the Ministerial Staff. Rev. Carolyn embarked on her ministerial journey at Israel Memorial AME Church, Newark, NJ, where she answered her call to preach at the age of 14, rendered and received her license to preach at the age 15. Rev. Cavaness is a graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City, with a major in Urban Studies with a concentration in Economics. During her time at Barnard, she served as President of the Student Government Association, Vice President of Student Government, President of the Columbia University Gospel Choir, President of Black Church at Columbia, and was involved in many other activities and boards. Also, she was Programming Coordinator for the 2003 New Student Orientation Program at Columbia University. For her contributions to the Barnard Community Carolyn received the Frank Gilbert Bryson Prize the highest leadership award of the College. She was also the recipient of the Barnard Bear Pin for her dedication and commitment to campus life. Rev. Cavaness graduated in May, 2011 from Union Theological Seminary in New York City with a Masters of Divinity degree. In her second year, she was awarded the Hudnut Preaching Award. The award is conferred annually by the faculty at the end of the middler year to a student who, in their judgment, has made the best preparation for the preaching ministry. Prior to enrolling in seminary, Rev. Cavaness was deputy finance director for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s historic campaign for President. She was employed by Barnard College as Officer to the Barnard College Annual Fund. She was also Finance Director for New York State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins. Carolyn was also Director of Development for George Jackson Academy in New York City. Rev. Cavaness is fluent in Spanish after spending her junior year in high school abroad in Zaragoza, Spain. Rev. Cavaness served for eight (8) years as New Jersey Conference YPD President of the AME Church. She was also 2001 AME Youth of the Year for the New Jersey Annual Conference. At the age of 16, Rev. Carolyn was admitted on trial in the AME Church. She was ordained an Itinerant Deacon in the AME Church on April 17, 2010 and on April 14, 2012 an Itinerant Elder in the AME Church. On August 15, 2012, Rev. Cavaness was appointed by the Rt. Rev. Gregory G.M. Ingram, pastor of First AME Church, Sharon Hill, PA. On May 18, 2014, Rev. Cavaness was appointed by the Rt. Rev. Gregory G.M. Ingram, pastor of Bethel AME Church, Ardmore, PA, the first female pastor in the church’s 127 year history. Blessed to serve this historic congregation, Rev. Carolyn’s innovative style and initiative has assisted her in leading the congregation to embark on various capital improvements including: upgrade and overhaul of the HVAC system, roofing and renovations of the lower level of the church. In Spring, 2018, the congregation launched the Bethel Community Garden, which in its first year harvested over 1,000 lbs of produce, which impacted local pantries, members and friends. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bethel has been on the front line in service to the community providing food and household supplies support, tutoring, mental health support and resources for children and families and COVID-19 testing and vaccine/booster clinics. In response to the church’s critical presence during the pandemic, the congregation received a $1.5 million dollar grant from the Montgomery County Recovery Office to undergird its vaccine, farm/garden and mental health programs. Additionally, due to this support a capital improvement and upgrade plan has been launched which will include a complete renovation and upgrade of the church’s current fellowship hall/community life spaces, kitchen, exterior assess as well as ensuring that Bethel is accessible to persons who experience mobility challenges. In addition, Rev. Cavaness led the congregation in the purchase of a multi-family unit and commercial business unit located directly on the church’s property line. Literally saving three (3) families from being displaced due to gentrification and development. Paramount to the work has been increasing Bethel’s outreach, evangelism and community engagement - inclusive of expanding Bethel’s opportunities for worship and Christian education. Strategic partnerships have been advanced with the business community and various non-profit agencies and boards across the Main Line, as well. Joining with sisters and brothers of other faith traditions, she helped to form the Lower Merion Clergy Interfaith Alliance and also served as co-convener of the Lower Merion/Narberth Food Insecurity Working Group, which has been at the cutting edge of bridging resources to children and families in need of food and social service access She has been blessed given her commitment to interfaith dialogue, to travel to Israel in 2017 by invitation twice to advance dialogue between the African American and Jewish communities. In 2018, she and the Bethel, Ardmore Family were blessed with the honor and privilege to host the 202nd Session of the Philadelphia Annual Conference - the first time ever held on the Main Line and hosted by a Main Line congregation. On January 1, 2022, Rev. Cavaness was elected the first female president of the Main Line Black Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance. On July 1, 2023, Rev. Cavaness was elected the first African American female president of the Rotary Club of Ardmore. Rev. Cavaness considers herself a bridge connecting people and resources all towards creating the beloved community. She is blessed to serve(d) on various boards and initiatives some including: Chair - Bethel Academy, Board Member - Interfaith Philadelphia, Vice-President- CommUNITY Breakfast of the Main Line, Executive Committee Member - Main Line NAACP Executive Committee, Treasurer - AME Ministerial Alliance of Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Vicinity Treasurer, Financial Secretary - Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity, Board Member - Family Promise of the Main Line, Board Member - HealthSpark Foundation, Board Member - Bucks-Mont Collaborative - Board Member - Common Space, Member - Lower Merion Police and Minority Relations Board, Board Member - Ardmore Library, Board Member - Pennsylvania League of Women Voters. This past Spring, Rev. Cavaness was appointed an Advisor to the USDA's Urban Ag County Committee for Philadelphia. Rev. Cavaness has been featured in the CRAINS Business magazine, New York Post’s Page Six magazine. In addition, she has been named a Millennial Superstar by Montco.Today and a Main Line Hero by Main Line Today. Recently, Rev. Cavaness was recognized by Radnor Township for her work in the dedication of a historical panel in honor of Bishop Richard Allen’s walk to Radnor in 1784. She desires to use all of her God-given talents and gifts to reach and help all that she can. She lives by the statement, "Only what you do for Christ shall last."
Maria Ceferatti
Maria Ceferatti is a published writer of short stories, essays and poetry, and earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Rosemont College. She is a writing instructor and music teacher in the Philadelphia area.
Ellen Charry
Ellen T. Charry, BA, MSW, MA, PhD taught systematic and historical Christian theology, Judaism, and Judaism, Christianity, and Islam at Princeton Theological Seminary for two decades following serving on the faculty at Perkins School of Theology and a post-doc at Yale Divinity School. Her monographs are Franz Rosenzweig on the Freedom of God, By the Renewing of your Minds, God and the Art of Happiness, and Psalms 1-50: Sighs and Psalms of Israel. Her edited books include Inquiring after God: Classic and Contemporary Readings, and The Austin Dogmatics of Paul M. van Buren.
Margie Cherry
Margie Cherry’s multiple professional identities include Associate Director of Alumni Career Services at Lafayette College, career coach, professional speaker, and former long-running cartoonist and short-term stand-up comic. Margie is the author and illustrator of "Mom's Comedy Coloring Book", published by Humor Outcasts Press, and her work has appeared in numerous humor anthologies and publications including "The Best of the Best American Humor"; and "The Best Contemporary Women's Humor".
Stephanie Cirillo
Stephanie Cirillo is a Digital Marketing Specialist and MLSN’s own Social Media Strategist & photographer. Stephanie has a degree in Marketing and Communications from MMC in NYC, is a Main Line native and a MLSN enthusiast!
Mary Coe
Mary Coe, Hike Leader, Willows Park Preserve
Cathleen Cohen
Cathleen Cohen is Montgomery County’s 2019 Poet Laureate. A painter, poet and teacher, she founded ArtWell’s “We the Poets” program in Philadelphia ( She has taught students of all ages from a variety of diverse cultural and faith backgrounds in the USA and in Israel. Her poems have appeared in Apiary, Baltimore Review, Cagibi, Chrysalis Journal, East Coast Ink, 6ix, Philadelphia Stories and other publications. In 2017 her chapbook “Camera Obscura” won a Moonstone Arts Press prize. She received the Interfaith Relations Award from the Montgomery County PA Human Rights Commission and the Public Service Award from National Association of Poetry Therapy. Her paintings are on view at Cerulean Arts gallery in Philadelphia (
Michael Martin Cohen
Michael Martin Cohen, M.D. has been in Neurology private practice on the Main Line for 40 years and is a former Chief of Neurology at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center for almost 20 years. This course focuses on how your brain functions, what can go wrong as we age, how to stay healthy, and perhaps most importantly how to become the best advocate for yourself and your family; avoiding the marketing nonsense that fills the airways and social media.
Jennifer Colucciello
Jen has been involved in many aspects of EMS for over 20 years. She has worked in communications, large scale logistics planning and response, rural and urban EMS as well as specialty response teams. Jen has been an EMT instructor for over 9 years and along with teaching, she has written several classes. She teaches topics such as basic first aid, CPR and EMT, as well as topics that are not as common, including eye injuries, eating disorders, body modification injuries and situational awareness.
Marebeth Conard
Marebeth Conard, Experienced Pinochle Teacher
Maria Ann Conelli
Maria Ann Conelli is a Professor of Art History and was the founding dean of the School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts at Brooklyn College, City University of New York (2011-2022). Her area of specialty is Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture in Italy and France. She was previously the executive director of the American Folk Art Museum and oversaw the landmark red and white quilt exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory. Conelli has served as dean of the School of Graduate Studies and acting dean of the School of Art & Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and, prior to that, as chair of the Smithsonian Institution’s graduate programs in the History of Decorative Arts in New York and Washington, D.C. Conelli holds a Ph.D. in architectural history from Columbia University, a master’s degree from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University and a bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College in Art History. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the J. Paul Getty Postdoctoral Fellowship in the History of Art and the Humanities, and is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. Conelli has taught in the United States and in Europe; organized exhibitions, lectured and published on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century art, architecture and landscape design. She served on the College Art Association’s Executive Committee as a Vice President for External Affairs, and is on the Board of Director’s Forum, and Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College.
Roberta Cooks
Roberta Cooks, MD, Gokhale Method® teacher, trained as a physician at New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Cooks has been a Gokhale Method®Teacher for ten years, guiding hundreds of people of all ages away from back, neck and musculoskeletal pain through teaching healthy ways to perform our daily movements of life. Dr. Cooks is also an avid Argentine Tango dancer and Qigong Medicine practitioner.
Carla Cornejo
Carla is a native from Cusco, Peru. She immigrated to the United States after graduating high school. Carla likes learning new languages and traveling to experience other cultures around the world. She is married and has one daughter and a loving furry puppy. She is a Villanova University Alum and completed a Masters degree in Biotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania. She is very excited to join the Main Line School Night staff for the fall 2023.
Jack Covington
Dr. Covington is an Oxford-educated historian and classically trained stage actor and lecturer. He is also the Creative Director of “Characters-on-Call” – 1 st person living history biographies. He presents dynamic first-person historical impersonations of famous literary and historical personages from the pages of history – in authentic period costume – history brought to life! He is a refreshingly innovative, enlightening, and engagingly dynamic educator, actor, and entertainer of the most creative kind – one who loves both his craft and his audience – who consistently delivers a lecture in true “that’s entertainment” style. He deliberately steps outside the proverbial box, breaking down barriers and successfully injecting spontaneity, wit, and warmth into his lecture ‘performances’. He has lectured and performed for many historical museums and cultural organizations. Performance topics he has presented are listed on his website, Dr. Covington is also a world traveler, adventurer, and a former avid mountaineer. His ability to incorporate his first-hand experiences into his lecture performances serves to both enlighten and enthrall his audiences. He delights in the opportunity to share his unique concept of combining lifelong learning with entertainment that will educate, stimulate, and inspire his audiences today and tomorrow!
Tom Coyne
Tom Coyne is an award-winning and New York Times bestselling author who has been publishing golf stories since 2001. His first book was the novel A Gentleman’s Game, which was named one of the best 25 sports books of all time by The Philadelphia Daily News. He wrote the film adaptation of the novel, which starred Gary Sinise, Philip Baker Hall, Dylan Baker, and Mason Gamble. His second book, Paper Tiger: An Obsessed Golfer’s Quest to Play with the Pros was released June 2006, and was an editor’s pick in Esquire Magazine and USA Today, and a summer reading selection in The New York Times. His third book, A Course Called Ireland: A Long Walk in Search of a Country, a Pint, and the Next Tee, was published by Gotham Books in February, 2009, and it chronicles his quest to walk and golf the whole of Ireland. The book was a New York Times, American Booksellers Association, and Barnes & Noble bestseller, and won a silver medal from the Society of American Travel Writers in the category of Best Travel Book of the Year. His anticipated follow-up to A Course Called Ireland was released by Simon & Schuster in 2018: A Course Called Scotland was an instant New York Times bestseller, and chronicles Tom’s quest to play every links course in Scotland, searching the highlands for the secret to golf and a tee time in the oldest championship in sports. Tom’s travel trilogy reaches its conclusion with the release of A Course Called America from Avid Reader/Simon & Schuster in May of 2021. The story follows Tom as he plays his way across all 50 states, searching for the great American golf course, and it landed on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists in its first week. Tom is Senior Editor and podcast host at The Golfer’s Journal, and has written for Golf Magazine, Golfweek, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, and numerous other publications. His Golfer’s Journal story, “The Lucky Ones” was named the best feature story of 2020 by the Golf Writers Association of America. He is also a host and writer for the travel television series, “The Links Life.” Tom earned an M.F.A. in fiction writing from the University of Notre Dame, where he won the William Mitchell Award for distinguished achievement. He lives outside Philadelphia with his wife and two daughters.
I Creative Voice Development Gro
For more than 30 years Voice Coaches has provided voice over production, recording, and communication coaching to clients including Netflix, Discovery, HGTV, Disney, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, Universal, The New York State Governors Office, Department of Health, Transportation, Tourism, and numerous others. In addition to being actively involved in industry organizations, we provide internships to college students in recording, production, and entertainment business. Voice Coaches is proud to be a 16-year, A+ Member of The Better Business Bureau.
Harrington Crissey
Harrington Crissey, is an ESL instructor who has a BA degree in classical languages from the University of Rochester and an MEd in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) from Temple University. Since 1974 he has taught English at institutions such as Temple University, the Nationalities Service Center, Arcadia University, Saint Joseph's University and Harcum College. He currently does substitution work at English Language Services (Saint Joseph's University) and mentors graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania.
Eileen Cunniffe
Eileen Cunniffe writes nonfiction that explores identity and experience, most often through the lenses of family and travel. Her first book, Mischief & Metaphors: Essaying a Life, was published in 2023 by Shanti Arts Publishing and includes several travel essays. Her writing has appeared in literary journals and anthologies, and her travel essays have been recognized with four Travelers’ Tales Solas Awards and the Emrys Journal 2013 Linda Julian Creative Nonfiction Award. She currently manages the Student Writing Center at Thomas Jefferson University.
Christiane De Boisseson
Christiane de Boisseson, Native Speaker and Former Instructor at the Baldwin School
Antonella De Carlo Aoli
Antonella De Carlo Aloi is a former attorney and fundraiser, turned Entrepreneur who is passionate about healthy Italian cooking, enjoys sharing recipes and empowering people to learn how to cook easy meals, for healthy dinners. She's in the process of starting her own business, where she creates custom ordered sauces and fresh pasta for her clients.
John DeBella
John DeBella's name has been synonymous with radio entertainment for nearly 48 years. He was instrumental in the successes of WLIR/WDRE New York, WPEZ Pittsburgh, and both WMMR an WYSP in Philadelphia. John has been the host of WMGK’s top five rated morning show. A native of New York City, John was educated at Hofstra University where he earned a BFA in design in 1972. While there, John and some student friends launched their own syndicated radio comedy show Fulton's Folly, which in 1971 aired on college radio stations across the country. That venture brought him to the attention of The National Lampoon Radio Hour, the syndicated radio program that starred John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and many others. John wrote and produced segments for many of the Lampoons broadcasts in the early '70's. John made his professional radio debut on WLIR-FM in 1976. At that time WLIR was one of the last progressive rock stations in the nation. In 1979 he left to hone his craft as a morning radio personality at WPEZ-FM, a Top 40 radio outlet in Pittsburgh. By the fall of 1980 John was back at WLIR. There, he helped develop an entirely new radio format. Then called "NEW WAVE", it is now more commonly known as the highly successful "New Rock or Alternative" format. In 1982 John moved to WMMR-FM in Philadelphia, it was his time there that truly made him a force in the national radio scene. In just two years he had catapulted his morning show not only to number one, but to the highest ratings in local radio history. As one of the originators of the Morning Zoo format, his show was copied in nearly every radio market in America. By September of '93 John felt he needed some time away from radio and took a well deserved one year rest. By October of 1994 John was back at it again, this time at WYSP-FM. Within four weeks John moved the shows ratings from number nine to number three. Within one year WYSP's afternoon drive ratings were number one in their core demographic. After a year of working with management, WYSP became Philadelphia's #1 station for men. Fall 1998 brought new challenges and successes for John. Station management had agreed to moved John to mid-days so that he could try his hand at Talk Radio on WYSP's sister station WPHT-AM. Once again the move was beneficial to all involved. Not only did WYSP's midday ratings go to number one, they were also the stations strongest ratings in that day part ever. In the limited time that John was at WPHT, the station found its ratings increasing. Unfortunately, John’s time at WPHT was short lived. With the combination of two radio shows and his hosting duties for the Philadelphia Eagles pre-game show, three programs had become too much and one had to go. Reluctantly John dropped his afternoon show on WPHT. In June of 2002 John returned to morning radio once again, this time at Philadelphia’s Classic Rock station 102.9 WMGK. John instantly became the perfect fit for the station and its audience. In just 3 short months John moved WMGK’s morning ratings from 12th to 5th place with adults 25 -54, and has maintained a top rated show ever since. In addition to his morning show at WMGK John became a contributor to the NBC “10” Show in April of 2003. Every week he could be seen doing one of his favorite things, promoting the adoption of dogs and cats from local area shelters and rescue groups. In January of 2008 John formed Husky Productions, a television production company that has created content with both Shooters Post & Transfer and Banyan Productions in Philadelphia. He also launched Stand Up / Sit Down an interview web series with America’s top comedians. In addition to his radio career, John has appeared as a stand-up comedian in New York City, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and Baltimore. In 1985 John hosted and co-produced Philly Flashback '84, a local EMMY award winning TV special on NBC 10. In 1989 John was a featured guest on NBC's Crime Story. He hosted and co-produced The John DeBella Show in 1990, four special TV broadcast’s aired locally in Philadelphia. John anchored the 1993 Philadelphia Mummers Parade; which that year, was broadcasting nationally for the first time on cable TV as well as on the local NBC affiliate. John is married to his successful real estate agent wife Lisa, both live with their Portuguese Water dog “Ditto” who basically controls everything. John’s son Casey is a rock music producer and artist in Nashville, Tennessee. Awards & Achievements Throughout his time in Philadelphia radio John has always been dedicated to helping local charities. In 2007 he was recognized for his dedication when he received the March of Dimes AIR Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award. Over the years his charity work has been most evident with helping to feed the hungry with City Team Ministries, he received the Philadelphia Veterans Distinguished Service Award in May 2008 and has raised over 2 million dollars for local veterans. In May of 2013 John was honored with an award from the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service Center that will forever hold his name. The John DeBella Award will be handed out yearly to the person who did the most for vets each year. His dedication to finding homes for shelter animals was displayed weekly on NBC 10 with his DeBella’s Dogs feature and his yearly “Dog Walk” event which thousands attend, raise countless support for local shelters and rescue groups. Along with winning numerous local service awards and readers polls over his 48 year career, John won a local EMMY Award Philly Flashback '84. He won the Gavin Media Professional Air Talent of the Year Award for both 1986 and 1987. In 1988 John was named Billboard Magazine's Air Personality of the Year, and that same year won the Public Relations Society of America's Drumbeater Award. In 2011 John received the SPCA’s Humanitarian of the Year award and in 2013 John was the first person to be honored by the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation’s first annual Jack Cummings Eagle, Globe and Anchor Award, and was also given the Small Business Administration’s Veterans Champion Award. In April of 2023 John was honored with a plaque in the Philadelphia Walk of Fame, TV & Radio Production: National Voice Carnival Cruise Lines 2009 Region voice for Dunkin Donuts 2002 – 2008 Region voice for Select Comfort Beds 2006 - 2008 Region voice for BMW 2002 – 2009 Region voice for Purina One Dog Food 2003 – 2009 Region voice for AT&T 2002 – Present Region voice for Borgata Hotel & Casino AC June 2010 Region voice for 1 800 –Flowers Sept 201
Kenneth DeMarco
Kenneth F DeMarco, MS, JD
Sheri-Lynn DeMaris
Sheri-Lynn, founder of Macro Magic, made macrobiotics her life mission as she witnessed the tremendous rise in childhood illnesses, autism, ADD and early onset diabetes. She knew her training in psychotherapy and emotional support was not enough for these children, that they had to make deeper, more lasting changes in their lives if they were going to improve their well-being. Sheri-Lynn is now a TV host and macrobiotic chef/educator who has taught people all over the world the importance of cooking and eating well. Sheri-Lynn recently partnered with Patricio Garcia de Paredes and Lorraine McCamley to form the Macrobiotic Global Institute, a non-profit whose mission is to restore personal and planetary health. Macro Magic (TV/Streaming on ROKU) is a unique show for its time. Macro Magic not only offers cooking techniques using the finest natural organic ingredients, it also includes an abundance of cutting-edge information on how viewers can make conscious choices toward creating a more balanced, healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally, mentally, and environmentally.
Jennifer Dean Nagle
Jennifer Dean Nagle, Reiki Master Practitioner Jennifer was introduced to Reiki as a complementary treatment at Paoli Hospital while going through cancer treatment. And can say Reiki changed her life. Reiki helped her get through cancer treatment, and she decided to learn the art of Reiki, and devote her life to it. Jennifer is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner for both people and their pet companions, specializing in Kundalini Reiki and chakra balancing.
Carla DiMuzio
Experienced bridge player and long-time tennis coach.
Erin Downey
Anthony Durkin
Anthony Durkin is a certified United States Chess Federation Chess Coach and Tournament Director. He founded the Delaware Valley Chess Club and has taught young people and adults throughout the region chess for the past 15 years.
Nina Epstein
Nina Epstein is known as the Digital Diva and has been an information technology instructor and consultant for over 25 years, helping individuals and small business owners use technology and solve their computing problems. Nina has been teaching technology courses in local communities for over 15 years.
Elanur Eroglu Williams
I have a M.S.Ed. in Reading/Writing/Literacy from University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (2022). Additionally, I hold a Master of Philosophy in Children's Literature from Trinity College Dublin (2021), and a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University Montreal, in English, Creative Writing, and Sustainability Studies (2020).
Charo Evangelista
CHARO EVANGELISTA CABELLO, ESSENTRICS® Level 1 Instructor, Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and Wellness Advocate, is certified as a TriYoga instructor. She is a meditation instructor, Reiki Master, Director of Inkalight and is a primary teacher at Free Spirit Yoga. Her personal teaching style focuses on expressiveness and derives from the different disciplines she's practiced throughout the years. Charo has been teaching yoga to children, adults and seniors for the past 19 years. In her classes you will experience the kundalini-inspired sequenced flow of postures synchronized with rhythmic breath (Pranayama) and mudra (focus), which will increase your energy and bring mental clarity. Her website is
Susan Evans
SUSAN EVANS has been a solopreneur for eight years and operated her businesses (YOUR OFFICE ASSISTANT and FAMILY TALES AND TRAILS) as “side hacks” before that. Her background includes working as a Paralegal in Estate Planning/Administration, Corporate & Real Estate law; banking (commercial loan documentation) for Bryn Mawr Trust & an SBA lender; Financial Aid & Alumni Affairs at Villanova University and the insurance world. (She jokes that she has made a career out of not having a career!) Susan has maintained personal and business accounts in Quicken. However, all business financials are currently maintained in QuickBooks, a program recommended by the SBA. Susan enjoys sharing with others the “tips & tricks” she has sometimes learned the hard way. For over 30 years, Susan has researched several of her family lines, one of which enabled her to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. Susan’s background in law enables her to present students with a unique perspective to doing genealogical research and opens doors to records not commonly discussed, even in professional settings. As FAMILY TALES & TRAILS, Susan performs heir searches, assists folks in getting organized and entering data into family history programs and conducts a bi-weekly genealogy meetup (virtual). She is available for one-on-one consultations and as a guest speaker. B.A. in Liberal Arts, Villanova University; A.A. in Liberal Arts, Delaware County Community College. Member: Association of Professional Genealogists, New England Historic Genealogical Society
Allison Farcus
Allison Farcus was born and raised in Miami Beach and moved to the Main Line in 2019. Since her twenties, she’s enjoyed hosting dinner and cocktail parties. She created SAUTE and SOIREE to create opportunities for people to connect over food and cooking. Having studied abroad, Allison has a deep appreciation for other cultures, and believes that food brings people together and creates a space for creativity, conversation, and inclusion.
Chris Fehlhaber
Chris Fehlhaber is an assistant horticulturist at Chanticleer Garden. His goal is to raise the public’s consciousness and appreciation of enriching, progressive horticulture. He believes we may all lead better lives by making the world a more beautiful place. Chris holds degrees in Landscape Architecture-Natural Resources and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin.
Stephanie Feldman
Stephanie Feldman is the author of the novels Saturnalia, finalist for the Locus Award, and The Angel of Losses, a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers selection, winner of the Crawford Fantasy Award, and finalist for the Mythopoeic Award. She is co-editor of the multi-genre anthology Who Will Speak for America? and her stories and essays have appeared in or are forthcoming from Asimov’s Science Fiction, Catapult Magazine, Electric Literature, Flash Fiction Online, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, The Rumpus, Uncharted Magazine, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Weird Horror, and more. She lives outside Philadelphia with her family.
Ariadna Fink
Ariadna Fink holds a Masters In Hispanic Literature from Villanova University. Since then, she has been teaching Spanish to high school and to College and private adult classes. Teaching Spanish through literature, culture, and art has become Ariadna's passion. Recently, she decided to embark on an Asthanga yoga teacher training. She enjoys practicing yoga and focuses on the ancient philosophy of Buddhist and Hinduism meditation with their applications in the modern world. She loves to share topics related to spirituality. Some examples of this are: Yoga philosophy and ancient texts. Living a yogic lifestyle following principles such as dharma, karma, and ahimsa. Ethics for strong and healthy communications skills or selfless service to others. Learn how to set priorities and boundaries
Christopher Flanagan
I am curlently the Superintendent of Police for Radnol Township and have been with the Department since 1998. I have held valious ranks in the department and commanded various special units. Radnol Township is an upper-class township with home rule status in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States. It contains the unincorporated communities of Garrett Hill, Rosemont, St. Davids, Straffold, Villanova, and Wayne as well as areas with Bryn Mawr postal addresses and Newtown Square. Its population is 32,000 and encompasses approximately 14 square miles. It includes colleges and universities including Villanova University, Cabrini University, Valley Folge Military Academy and Eastern University. It has 13 outstanding schools in the district ranging from K-12. Radnor Township School District is Radnor Township's only public-school system serving a multicultural population. Radnor Police must be prepared with the latest training and information to protect and serve Radnor Township's diverse community. I am also the current Chief of Operations for the Narberth ambulance service, a volunteer position I have held for over 25 years. The service has 30 paid staffers and over 80 volunteers. The service responds to over 6,100 calls a year and has 2 stations, 7 ambulances, 2 responder vehicles and 1 Mass Casualty/Rehab bus. I am also the Assistant Chief of the Gladwyne Fire Company since 1988 and a volunteer fireman with the Merion Fire Department as well. My commitment to the safety of the community does not end with me. My two sons are also vlunteer fireman in Gladwyne Fire Company. In addition to serving as Superintendent of Police, I have frequently lectured on topics such as Active Shooter, CPR, Stop the Bleed, Vaping and E-Cigarettes for religious institutions, schools, and civic organizations. I am an Adjunct Instructor for the Anti-Defamation League or anti bias in law enforcement training.
Kate Fossner
Kate Fossner is a fiber artist who enjoys knitting, crocheting, felting and embroidery, among other crafts. She is also the founder of Backstage Apothecary, a Phoenixville, PA company where she hand makes organic products for home and body:
David Fraser
David Fraser is a painter who is retired from careers in rare books, higher education, and the online industry. He holds a Masters degree in Art History (Romanticism) and a Doctorate in Information Science (Visual Memory), He aspires to teach fellow artists ways to explore computer-assisted techniques for creating works of art. Teaching experience includes Haverford College, Columbia University, the University of North Carolina, Convivio Conference, Main Line School Night, and the Center for Creative Works. I have been represented by the Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia and Tyme Gallery in Havertown.
Lance Freeman
Lance Freeman is the James W. Effron University Professor of City and Regional Planning, and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. Neighborhoods are what fascinate him and motivate his research. He studies how neighborhoods change and evolve over time, the role neighborhoods play in people’s lives, and he is exploring how we can use social media and other new technologies as tools to study neighborhoods. His study of neighborhoods is motivated by an aim to learn how we can use this knowledge to plan and build better and more equitable places. Professor Freeman has published a number of articles in refereed journals on issues related to gentrification, urban poverty, housing policy, urban sprawl, the relationship between the built environment and public health and residential segregation. His books include: · There Goes the Hood: Views of Gentrification from the Ground Up by Temple University Press · A Haven and a Hell: The Ghetto in Black America by Columbia University Press. · Planning and Control of Land Development by University of North Carolina Press. With Daniel Mandelker, Carol Necole Brown, Stuart Meck, Dwight H. Merriam, Peter W. Salsich, Jr., and Edward J. Sullivan. Prior to beginning his academic career, Professor Freeman worked as a researcher for Mathematica Policy Research, a leading social science research organization in Washington, D.C. Professor Freeman also has professional planning experience, working as a City Planner for the New York City Housing Authority.
Nancy Gabel
NANCY GABEL taught high school French at the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District for thirty-five years where she also headed the Foreign Language Program for the district. After retiring from public education, she taught at The Agnes Irwin School, The Baldwin School and The Episcopal Academy. She was a founder and President of the Board of the French International School in Bala Cynwyd, as well as Board Member and President of Main Line School Night. She is thrilled to be teaching adults at MLSN, where she has offered a variety of courses.
Carla Gambescia
Carla Gambescia is the author of the acclaimed bookLa Dolce Vita University: An Unconventional Guide to Italian Culture from A-to-Z, a rousing tribute to Italy, Italians and a culture that has contributed so much to the world. A native of Philadelphia, Carla is also a marketing executive, former restaurateur and avid traveler; she co-created the Giro del Gelato bike tour which won OUTSIDE Magazine’s Best Trip in Western Europe.
Joseph Gangemi
JOE GANGEMI, a longtime Delco resident, is a novelist, screenwriter and television producer. He was co-creator and showrunner of the Amazon Studios comedy RED OAKS, starring Paul Reiser, Richard Kind, and Jennifer Gray, which ran for three seasons. His films include WIND CHILL starring Emily Blunt, STONEHEARST ASYLUM with Ben Kingsley, Michael Caine, and Kate Beckinsale, and BLACKWAY starring Anthony Hopkins and Ray Liotta. A graduate of Swarthmore College, he lives with his wife and children in Haverford.
Gabriel Garfinkle
Gabriel Garfinkle has been teaching philosophy at Penn State University since 2012, and began teaching religion and philosophy at Delaware County Community College in 2016. He brings passion with his scholarship in an effort to make his classes both practical and profound.
Lisa Gargiulo
Teacher, English, Hill Top Preparatory School
Michele Gargiulo
Michele got her start at the Culinary Institute of America. After graduation she got her first job as a Sommelier at Savona in Philadelphia. This charming restaurant located on the Main Line of Philadelphia was founded and created by Evan Lambert, one of the founders of The American Sommelier Association and Star Wine. She worked there for four years, hosting weekly wine tastings and monthly wine dinners. During this time, she started working for Angel’s Envy as a Whiskey Guardian, where she worked for three years. From Savona she moved to Steven Starr’s Barclay Prime. Shortly after, she started working at The Four Season’s Jean Georges in Philadelphia, on top of the Comcast building. The COVID 19 pandemic hit, with her there just over a year. Michele moved down to South Carolina to manage a restaurant while the North East was shut down. During the lock-down, Michele wrote her first book: Pairing Paws: Dog Breeds and Their Spirit Wines. Pairing Paws: Cat Breeds and Their Spirit Wines is expected June 2023. She is currently the Wine & Beverage Director at the Fearless Restaurant Group, overseeing 10 restaurants in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Alice Garrett
Alice Garrett graduated from Princeton University in 1982 with a degree in English Literature. She received her MA in Classical Studies in 1986 from Boston University. Since that time she taught high school Latin at Haverford High School and Lower Merion High School.
Bruce Gill
Bruce Gill, Beekeeper and Blacksmith
Danny Giorgio
South Philly native, Daniel Giorgio, grew up around the kitchen table filled with food from his Italian heritage. He attended the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, where he learned the techniques to advance his native food. His professional experience includes working in Orvieto, Italy, and Philly staples such as Barbuzzo, Amada, and Little Nonnas before branching out on his own. He aims to teach others what he has learned through his travels and experiences.
Esther Gordon
Esther taught French at Harriton High School for her entire career, learned Mah Jongg years ago and has enjoyed teaching it in recent years.
David Grauel
DAVID GRAUEL comes to MLSN by way of New York City where he was a Technical Support and Training Specialist in Microsoft Office products for such companies as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. David teaches classes on a variety of Microsoft products and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with others.
Linnie Greenberg
Linnie Kerrigan-Greenberg has earned Professional Art Member status from the Main Line Art Center and is the recipient of numerous awards. In 2017, through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, she hosted 20 free collage workshops for children and disadvantaged groups including those suffering from dementia, addiction and veterans with PTSD. Website:
Wendy Greenfield
Wendy Greenfield, MLSN Executive Director. An experienced non-profit and marketing professional, Wendy Greenfield joined Main Line School Night as Executive Director in September, 2016 following an eighteen-year career as Executive Director of the Alumnae Association of Bryn Mawr College. Prior to Bryn Mawr, Wendy was a marketing and communications executive in New York. An avid hiking enthusiast, Wendy enjoys hiking with her red Lab Rhett on local trails.
Jeff Groff
Jeff Groff recently retired as Estate Historian at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library. He also served as Director of Public Programs and Director of Interpretation. For sixteen years he was Executive Director of Wyck Historic House and Garden in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. He holds an MA from the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture of the University of Delaware. For over forty years he has studied and lectured on American country houses and gardens, particularly those of Philadelphia’s “Main Line” and surrounding areas, with an emphasis on country life and sports, and gentleman farming. He served as co-curator of Winterthur’s very successful exhibitions “Costumes of Downton Abbey” and “Costuming The Crown."
Heather Gustafson
Heather is a licensed wellness practitioner and educator with over 25 years experience. She is the founder of Reset Relief which incorporates Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT), yoga, and meditation. IPT is groundbreaking work in pain relief developed by author and neuromuscular therapist Lee Albert (Heather's mentor) to address the root cause of pain. Heather is Lee's teaching assistant and Lee's work has been featured on PBS! Credentials Certified Integrated Positional Therapist (endorsed by Lee Albert, Founder) Insight Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Certification (Yin, Mindfulness Meditation) Kripalu Yoga 500 hour Teacher Certification (includes Meditation certification) Wholistic Yoga 200 Hour Certification, Our Lady of Lourdes Institute MBA with specialization in Health Administration, St. Joseph’s University Licensed Registered Nurse in the state of PA since 1988 Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Bloomsburg University Registered with Yoga Alliance E-RYT500 Member ABMP
Alison Hallam
Alison Hallam is a Physical Therapist of 30 years, specializing in Bone Health and Wellness. She is also an international lecturer, currently teaching at Arcadia University, and is a member of the National Osteoporosis Foundation. She is also the owner of BoneWise, designing customized exercise programs for individuals and classes.
Andrea Hallmark
ANDREA HALLMARK is a Landscape Architect who has designed and installed hundreds of gardens in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Texas and Mexico. She currently teaches Design Communication at Temple University. She has taught garden and design courses at the University of Pennsylvania, School of General Studies, The Barnes Foundation, Longwood Gardens, and The Morris Arboretum. Ms. Hallmark started as a fine artist and painted at The Penn Academy Of Fine Art and continues fine art as a hobby. She also does Jewelry Design.
Pat Halsey
Pat Halsey, Member, PA Guild of Craftsmen
Perry Hamilton
Perry was born and raised in Lower Merion where he and his wife Betsy have raised their three children. He graduated from Susquehanna University in 1974 with a BA in History. Since graduating from college, he has enjoyed a business career of more than 45 years in a variety of private sector industries such as Commercial Banking, Automobile manufacturing, and Wholesale Lumber. During his adult life, Perry has read countless history books with much of his personal focus on business history. Among his associations is the Lower Merion Historical Society where he has been a board member and officer for more than 5 years.
Muriel Harmon
Muriel Harmon, Native Speaker; French Instructor
Anne Harris
ANNE HARRIS holds a BA in German from Wake Forest University, an MA in German from Duke University and an MEd (with concentration in adult education) from Worcester State University. She has lived and worked in Germany and has more than thirty years of experience teaching German to adults. Currently she is an instructor at the DonauSchule.
Ann Hazan
Ann Hazan is a food consultant and instructor and the co-author of 'The Original Philadelphia Neighborhood Cookbook,' 'The Original Baltimore Neighborhood Cookbook,' and 'The Reading Terminal Market Cookbook.' She holds a degree in Food and Nutrition from Drexel University. Ann emphasizes healthy foods and cooking in all her work, as well as in her home.
David Heaton
An avid hiker, David Heaton is now semi-retired, after having created and managed two non-profit volunteer organizations that helped repair inner city row houses for twenty-five years before merging with Habitat.
Andrew Heckert
ANDREW HECKERT, in 1973, began studying Tai Chi in Philadelphia with Maggie Newman, and was one of the six senior students of Cheng Man-ching’s school in Manhattan, the Shr-jung. In 1981, he began study with William Chen in New York City. For the next ten years he commuted to New York to attend classes in Chen’s school and took private lessons. During summers he attended weeklong workshops in the Catskills given by his classmate Ben Lo of San Francisco. In 1989, he became a student of Dr. Ping-siang Tao of Taiwan. Andrew Heckert, Germantown Tai Chi Study Group
Allen Heffler
For 30 years, Allen Heffler CLU, ChFC, President of MyMedicareAdvisor, has helped thousands of people with their Medicare plans. The entire Medicare process can be complex and confusing. Our Mission is to educate consumers about Medicare and their Medicare options in a clear, concise & honest way that allows those consumers to make informed decisions. Allen Heffler and MyMedicareAdvisor- We Make Your Medicare Decision Easy., email:
Robert Hekking
ROBERT HEKKING has been working as a professional musician for well over thirty years. After receiving a BA in Sociology from Gettysburg College, he returned to Philadelphia to establish Rob Hekking's Guitar Studio, which has been active since 1978. His professional playing has included several positions as staff guitarist at the Valley Forge Music Fair, Sands Hotel and Casino, Caesar's and Brighton Casino. He feels his greatest accomplishment to date has been the successful mentoring of many students.
Jeff Heller
Jeff Heller, Historical Novelist Studied history, government and economics at Georgetown University. Jeff specializes in Colonial-era Canada. He has presented at cultural festivals, night schools, book clubs and libraries throughout the Northeast US.
Carol Hengel
As a lifelong educator with a background as a Music Therapist, Carol has taught a variety of instruments to students of all ages, has taught students with special needs of all levels and is an accomplished cellist. She loves to travel, is a children's book author, avid reader, gardener, cook and pickleball novice. When not enjoying time with family and friends, Carol gives private lessons in piano, cello, violin, guitar, and ukulele, teaches at the UMLYMCA, and is a substitute teacher for local school districts.
Gina Henry
Gina Henry, owner of GoGlobal, has traveled to over 80 countries and states. She takes free vacations three months every year. Check out for more instructor information. Gina Henry also has been a professional mystery shopper for over twenty years and wrote the digital book "Mystery Shopping - Get Paid to Shop.”
Andrew Herron
Andrew Herron and Kevin Manning are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ and the founding members of Stone Pine Financial Partners located in Media, PA. They have over 30 years of combined experience helping individuals and families transition to retirement. Andrew and Kevin are experts in retirement distribution planning and have created a system called The Flight Path™ to help bring clarity to the complexities of the retirement distribution phase. They also specialize in Social Security planning and are passionate about educating people on how to best take advantage of this retirement benefit. They’ve previously taught classes and seminars on retirement planning and Social Security at local universities and they sponsor community financial education throughout the year.
Robert Hicks
Robert D. Hicks, Ph.D., has edited a recent book about and including the diary of a physician, Civil War Medicine: A Surgeon’s Experience (University of Indiana Press, 2019). The book includes essays by distinguished Civil War scholars that illuminate the surgeon's (Fulton) experience. No comparable book about the medical Civil War exists for the general reader, despite the huge literature on the Civil War. Dr. Hicks is the Senior Consulting Scholar and William Maul Measey Chair for the History of Medicine (former Director, Mütter Museum/Historical Medical Library), The College of Physicians of Philadelphia Dr. Hicks' career path has included criminal justice, the Navy, and he has worked with museum-based education and exhibits for over three decades, primarily as a consultant to historic sites and museums. He holds a doctorate in maritime history from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom, and degrees in anthropology and archaeology from the University of Arizona.
Sue Hilger
SUE HILGER has been teaching knitting at Main Line School Night for nearly thirty years and, more recently, crochet. She was the owner of EWE and I, a knitting and needlepoint store located in Bryn Mawr for nineteen years and is currently working as a freelance designer in both knitting and crochet for the Plymouth Yarn Co.
Seth Holzman
Seth Holzman, (BA Music, Syracuse University) has been playing harmonica since 1965, teaching harmonica since 1975, and has performed with Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, Ronnie Earl, Roomful of Blues, Magic Slim & The Teardrops, and many others. Seth was inspired to play by (and eventually studied with) the great blues harmonica player Sonny Terry. He is a caring and thoughtful instructor who teaches the techniques and musical knowledge he wishes he had known when he began his own studies. Seth currently performs with Stevie and the Bluescasters in the greater Philadelphia area.
Erika Hovland Bahij
Erika Hovland Bahij, Certified Forest Therapy Guide Erika Hovland, certified Forest Therapy guide, Rose and Redwood, LLC Certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) as a Forest Therapy Guide.
Amy Hunt
Amy received her Floral Design Certificate from Longwood Gardens and has been in the floral industry for over 20 years. She is the owner of Grapewood Florals,LLC and specializes in weddings.
John Immerwahr
John Immerwahr, Professor Emeritus, Villanova University; Guide, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Teaching Professionals, Julian Krinsky School of Tennis
Alison Jaeger
Alison Jaeger is owner of Fresh Look Design, a home and garden company specializing in container garden design and installation for residential and commercial customers in the Philadelphia suburbs. In addition, she provides garden consultations and plans for home gardeners wishing to create their own garden oasis. Alison is committed to sharing her love of gardening and design as a way to encourage people to engage with the beauty and wonder of the natural world.
Jean Johnson
A classically trained coloratura, Ms. Johnson studied privately under Mr Gregory H Hopkins, Dr Francis H Williamson, Dr ebronette Barnes-Aborom and Mrs Rita McKinley-Pride. Her eclectic taste in music is reflected in her repertoire which includes various forms of liturgical music, musical theater and classical. Her Experience spans The Philadelphia Freedom Festival – Philadelphia, PA (2014) - Chorister (Rev. Nolan Williams, Jr., Festival Artistic Director; Andre Raphel, Conductor; The Philadelphia Orchestra; Uri Caine, Composer; Jay Fluellen, Chorus Master) “Can You Hear God Crying?” - Philadelphia, PA (2013) - Chorister (Hannibal Lokumbe, Composer; Dirk Brossé, Music Director; The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia) The Gate Called Straight gospel adaptation of “The Wiz” - Philadelphia, PA (2012) - Vocal Coach (Stephanie Mills, Director; Bill Jolly, Executive Musical Director; Kelly Beard, Executive Producer) “Sounds of Joy” a Music Ministry - Philadelphia, PA - Chorister/Soloist (Sheila D. Booker, Director; Donna Drake, Business Manager)
Barnett Kamen
Barnett Kamen, is a retired teacher of Bible, Literature, and Philosophy at the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy. He has an MA in Biblical Literature and was a PhD. candidate
Laura Kanavy
Laura Kanavy, is a Native Speaker from Venezuela with 6 years as a legal interpreter in the Administrative Court System of Philadelphia and is CoreCHI (proficient in medical terminology) and CHI(Certified Healthcare Interpreter).
Larry Kaufman
Larry Kaufman started learning and doing Improv 22 years ago in 2000, through Temple University's Community Outreach Program, which lasted about ten years until 2010 when Temple cancelled the entire outreach program. We were known as Full Circle Theatre. It was educational in nature and we performed for schools, religious institutions, senior living facilities, corporations, on such topics as, anti smoking, anti bullying, wellness, work place harassment. After Temple shut the program down, we, the improv troupe, went out on our own, as 2nd Circle Improv Players. We continue to meet to this day to learn and practice improv. I was the Director of 2nd Circle Improv Players from 2013 to 2019. My duties included hiring improv teachers, scheduling our practices, advertising our group as we are open to the public to learn with us and join our group. I began to teach my own classes around 2015 through, HTAS Haverford Township Adult School, which lasted a few years. I also started teaching through Chester County Night School around the same time, which has recently become Chester County Lifelong Learning. I continue to teach at CCLL, and have a class scheduled to start on April 4, 2022.
Michael Kearns
Michael Kearns is a Professor and the National Center Chair in the Computer and Information Science Department at the University of Pennsylvania, where his research interests include machine learning, algorithmic game theory, quantitative finance and related topics. He has secondary appointments in Penn’s Economics Department, and in the departments of Statistics and Operations, and Information and Decisions (OID) at the Wharton School. Kearns also has a role at Amazon as part of its Amazon Scholars program, focusing on algorithmic fairness, privacy, machine learning, and related topics within Amazon Web Services. He is the co-author of the general-audience book “The Ethical Algorithm” (with Aaron Roth; Oxford University Press 2019). Kearns has worked extensively in quantitative and algorithmic trading on Wall Street (including at Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, SAC Capital, and Morgan Stanley). In the past he has served as an adviser to technology companies and venture capital firms. He has also occasionally served as an expert witness or consultant on technology-related legal and regulatory cases. Kearns is an elected fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Association for Computing Machinery, the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, and the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory.
Gloria Kingcade
GLORIA KINGCADE started instructing line dancing in October 1998. She is a Certified Primary Aerobic Instructor AAAI & ISMA (AAAI-American Aerobic Association International, ISMA-International Sports Medicine Association). In January 2001 Gloria founded “D.A.S.H.E.R.S. Entertainment Network” (Dancing and Singing Help Everyone Relieve Stress). The Dancing is R&B or Soul Line Dancing and the Singing is Karaoke. For more information, contact her at (215) 232-6232 or e-mail or
Sandi Kirschner
Sandi Kirschner, MEd, Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Sandi is a wellness consultant, helping people meet their lifestyle goals. Sandy is a certified fitness instructor and holds a M.Ed in group dynamics. She teaches corporate wellness and fitness classes to promote overall well being.
Melissa Klapper
PhD, Professor of History, Director of Women's & Gender Studies, Rowan University
Donna Klees
Donna Klees has participated in shell art competitions since 2011, winning first place several times at the Philadelphia Shell Show. Her love for shells crystalized while living on Cape Cod and making trips to Nantucket, where she was first introduced to vintage and modern Sailors Valentines. She enjoys the incredible artistic range of shell art.
Sandra Koberlein
Sandra Koberlein is an artist and an artist educator. She has over thirty years experience working with others in various creative capacities. Her artwork is primarily abstract and composed of intriguing layers, similar to the layers of her life. Sandra exhibits her work in competitive galleries, art centers, hospitals and universities both locally and nationally. Her work has won numerous awards and is held in private collections. She is a certified K-12 art teacher and encaustic instructor. Sandra conducts workshops at art centers and in her Woodstown, NJ studio (Supawna Studio). She serves on several non-profit boards, supporting visual and performing arts and arts education. Sandra earned her Associates Degree in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, her BA in Art and BA in Art Education from Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. She added a minor degree in Early Italian Renaissance Art History at the Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy. Most recently, Sandra earned her MA in Art Education from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.
Maxine Koenig
MAXINE KOENIG has an MA in Music from Temple University. She is multi-talented and plays almost every instrument. Maxine believes that music should not be tedious and should be fun. Her students are constantly entertained by her witty yet informative style of teaching.
Franmar Kopko
Franmar Kopko, RPh., has been a registered pharmacist for over 19 years and has worked in retail, managed care and now in the medical cannabis industry. Franmar has been counseling patients at a local dispensary on the use of medical cannabis for their specific medical issues and providing insight on the numerous products available.
Paulette Kouffman Sherman
Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist, relationship expert and author. She has long been a dating coach and is also a Gottman trained couples therapist who does marital retreats. She does in person and online therapy and coaching. She loves to teach and is a new transplant to Delaware County, PA from NYC. She has been quoted as an expert in Glamor, Cosmopolitan, The NY Times, Oprah Magazine, Redbook and more. Her website is
Lisa Kramer
Lisa Kramer MSW, PCC is the founder and president of Leading with Intention Since transitioning to full time coaching in 2002, Lisa has successfully coached business leaders and managers, and she has served as a mentor-coach and coach trainer for hundreds of coaches worldwide. More recently, Lisa has pivoted to retirement coaching to assist individuals and couples to design their next chapter. Lisa’s passion for coaching emerged from a successful career in clinical social work and social work education. Lisa served on the faculty of Widener University’s School of Human Service Professions and the University of Texas at Dallas Master’s Program in Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching. She is currently a leadership coach at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Lisa received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania and her coaching certification from the Co-Active Training Institute. She is also a certified Kripalu yoga instructor, an avid cyclist, and she loves all kinds of dancing.
Katie Kriner
Katie Kriner, Author, Fibert Artist, Shop Owner The Bee & The Bear
Ji Ku
Ji Ku, Native Speaker; ACTFL Certified, Korean Instructor
I LL Bean Staff
Staff, L.L. Bean
Staff, Lancaster County Farm Market
Tuscarora Lapidary Society
Staff, Tuscarora Lapidary Society
Vincent Lartigue
VINCENT LARTIGUE is a native French teacher, born and raised in Paris. He is a graduate from the University of Paris. He has over thirty years of experience as a French teacher working with adults at all levels, from beginner to advanced. His method is conversational and direct and he teaches on a Private, Semi-Private and/or Group-based instruction. He travels back to France several times a year so that his French is up-to-date. During his career he has worked with the major chains of language schools in the US and Europe.
Sue Laskin
Sue Laskin, Experienced Canasta Teacher
Staff Laurel Hill Cemetery
Orsolya Lazar
Growing up in Hungary, Orsolya enjoyed fresh fruit and vegetables from our family garden. Traveling and hiking through Europe introduced me to varied landscapes and gardening styles. After becoming an Ecologist in Hungary, she earned Master Degree in Molecular Biology in the US. As a landscape designer, she drew on her science education and take inspiration from natural landscapes, has designed and maintained gardens for 15 years in 3 different countries, while keeping nature and wildlife in mind and discourages planting invasives and promote the use of native plants and sustainable landscape practices.
Olive Ledlie
Olive Ledlie, PhD, Former Chair English Department, The Baldwin School
J. Michael Lennon
J. Michael Lennon is the late Norman Mailer’s archivist, editor, authorized biographer. He has written/edited several books about him, including: Pieces and Pontifications (1982); Critical Essays on Norman (1986); Conversations with Norman Mailer (1988); Norman Mailer: Works and Days (2000); The Spooky Art: Thoughts on Writing (2003), and (with Mailer) On God: An Uncommon Conversation (2007). His biography, Norman Mailer: A Double Life (Simon and Schuster), appeared in 2013, and in 2014 he edited Selected Letters of Norman Mailer (Random House). He is currently editing Mailer’s works for the Library of America. He has also edited The James Jones Reader (1991), and was co-producer of the 1985 PBS documentary, James Jones: From Reveille to Taps. His work has appeared in Paris Review, New Yorker, New York, TLS, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Mailer Review, Hippocampus, Creative Nonfiction, NYRB, and Provincetown Arts, among others. The founding president of the Norman Mailer Society and chair of the editorial board of the Mailer Review, he also serves on the board of the James Jones Literary Society. Co-founder of the Wilkes University MA/MFA Program, he has taught in it since 2005. Prior to that he was the Provost at Wilkes from 1992-2000. From 1972-1992, he was a faculty member and administrator at the University of Illinois-Springfield. He received his B.A. from Stonehill College, and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Rhode Island. His memoir, Mailer’s Last Days: New and Selected Literary Remembrances of a Life in Literature, will be published in 2022 by Etruscan Press. website:
Susanne Lennon
Experienced bridge player and instructor; chair of Philadelphia Country Club Bridge. Previous math teacher.
Howard Levinson
Mr. Levinson is a retired trial attorney, and currently teaches several law courses at Rutgers University. Follow this link for a more complete bio.
R. Barry Levis
R. Barry Levis, PhD, Professor Emeritus, History, Rollins College (ret 2013); Director, Humanities Program, Hamilton Holt School of Rollins College, 1981-2012; Director, Graduate Program, Liberal Studies, Rollins College (1990-2000)
Barry Levy
Dr. Levy is a physician and epidemiologist who has written and spoken extensively on the health consequences of war. He has written and edited five books on the health impacts of war and terrorism and 17 other books on climate change, environmental and occupational hazards, and other public health issues. He has authored more than 250 journal articles and book chapters. He has served as a CDC epidemiologist, medical school professor, consultant, and executive director of a peace organization. He has received several awards for career-long achievements, including the Sedgwick Memorial Medal of the American Public Health Association. Dr. Levy is the author of “From Horror to Hope: Recognizing and Preventing the Health Impacts of War,”a Past President of the American Public Health Association and Adjunct Professor of Public Health, Tufts University School of Medicine.
Wanamaker Lewis
Has been teaching both classes and privately for over 25 years. Wanamaker Lewis has played at every major music venue in the area including Phila Folk Fest and The Keswick-he’s even played at Carnegie Hall in New York!
Xuemei Li
Xuemei Li, Native Speaker, Experienced CSL and Chinese teacher
Myriah Lipke
Carol Livingood
Carol Ryan Livingood, Esq., Timoney Knox Carol joined Timoney Knox as a Partner in 2022 in the Wills, Trusts and Estates Department. She focuses her practice on all aspects of estate planning and estate administration. Carol previously was the managing partner of Davis Bennett Spiess & Livingood – a firm which had been serving individuals, families and businesses on Philadelphia’s Main Line since 1930. Along with the support of Timoney Knox, Carol continues to bring large firm services with a focus on building long-standing relationships and innovative legal solutions to the community of Wayne. Carol has represented clients in all aspects of estate and tax planning and estate administration for over two decades. Her clients include individuals and families with small to extremely sizable estates who appreciate her keen eye in trying to preserve their wealth for their intended beneficiaries while minimizing the tax liabilities. A graduate of Brown University, Carol received her law degree from Widener University School of Law. After law school, she was awarded an Estate Planning Certificate from Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law. Prior to being in private practice, she served for seven years as a Deputy Attorney General in the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s Charitable Trusts and Organizations Section. Carol is admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar and is a member of the Delaware County Bar Association and the Delaware County Estate Planning Council. Carol has been named to the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers list in Estate & Probate Law since 2022. Each year no more than 2.5% of the lawyers in the state are selected by Super Lawyers to receive this Honor. Carol grew up in Wayne and is a graduate of the Academy of Notre Dame, where she formerly served as a member of the Board of Trustees.
Michael Lizzio
Michael Lizzio, Certified Pool Instructor
Isaac Loftus
Nicola Loughlin
My work and teaching encompasses many mediums: painting, drawing, mark making, printmaking and mixed media. I continually aspire to motivate others to express themselves and am committed to making art accessible for all. Graduate in Fine Art from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland and Master's Level Postgraduate in Art Education from the University of Cambridge, England.
Dara Lovitz
Dara Lovitz is an author, professor, presenter, and co-founding board member and President of Peace Advocacy Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes a peaceful existence through veganism, social justice, and respect for the Earth’s inhabitants and resources. She is the author of Muzzling A Movement: The Effects of Anti-Terrorism Law, Money, and Politics on Animal Activism; Catching Falling Cradles: A Gentle Approach to Classic Rhymes; Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins; and Gag Reflections: Conquering a Fear of Vomit Through Exposure Therapy. Lovitz works for the American Law Institute and is an adjunct professor of Animal Law at Temple University Beasley School of Law. She presents in various forums across the country on animal law, veganism, mental health, and parenting topics.
David Low
David Low has a Masters in Community Counseling, received his doctorate in Religious Studies from Temple University in 1998 and is also completing an interfaith ministry doctoral program with The New Seminary. After being a small-circus juggler for a couple of years out of college, he worked as a technical writer and substance abuse counselor before teaching religion courses for 10 years as an adjunct professor at Rutgers-Camden, Rowan, and LaSalle Universities. He is the author of a spirituality textbook (Universal Spiritual Philosophy and Practice) and is currently working on a volume on the teachings of the great Dutch philosopher, Baruch Spinoza. A lifelong interest in anthropology led David to study shamanism and other indigenous practices. He has presented at IASD conferences (International Association for the Study of Dreams), and has travelled extensively and visited different Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Sufi, Jewish, Christian and Muslim groups. David maintains a private counseling practice in Mt. Airy in which he does dreamwork and teaches meditation. See more about David at For two years out of college David was a professional small-circus performer, doing mostly juggling. He's done occasional charity gigs ever since with balls, clubs, rings, devil sticks, cigar boxes and other juggling props.
Hali MacLaren
Hali MacLaren, HKM Jewelry Owner and Maker, creates handmade jewelry that is inspired by the sea, to spread awareness about its importance and beauty. She holds a BFA in Jewelry and a minor in Photography from The University of the Arts. She teaches classes and workshops Main Line Art Center, Wayne Art Center, ArtFusion in Pottstown and at her studio in West Chester.
Joanie Mackie
Kristina Maletta
Kristina Maletta is committed to sharing the history, preservation and hands-on creativity of calligraphy. Kristina has worked in the prominent wedding industry in Southern California, and has been an independent artist and teacher for over 10 years. She has studied with Master Penmen and the White House Calligraphers throughout the United States.
Kevin Manning
Andrew Herron and Kevin Manning are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ and the founding members of Stone Pine Financial Partners located in Media, PA. They have over 30 years of combined experience helping individuals and families transition to retirement. Andrew and Kevin are experts in retirement distribution planning and have created a system called The Flight Path™ to help bring clarity to the complexities of the retirement distribution phase. They also specialize in Social Security planning and are passionate about educating people on how to best take advantage of this retirement benefit. They’ve previously taught classes and seminars on retirement planning and Social Security at local universities and they sponsor community financial education throughout the year.
W. Barksdale Maynard
Author, Lecturer, Art History, University of Delaware
Andrea Mazzenga
Andrea Mazzenga, RN, has owned and operated Buttercup Beads since 2007. She is a published designer and teaches jewelry-making techniques and displays at bead shows.
John McBride
John McBride has degrees from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Classical Japanese literature), Australian National University, (International Relations), and The University of Melbourne (MBA). John’s interest in travel writing in Japanese classical literature has seen him walking the old highway systems of Japan for over 40 years. For the past eight years he has been guiding history walks in Japan. In 2010, John was awarded an Order of Australia (AM) for his services to business and cultural links between Australia and Japan.
Paul & Ellen McCabe
Paul & Ellen McCabe, Hike Leaders
Dori McClennen
Dori McClennen, Teaching Artist, Member Haverford Guild
Jill McCracken
Jill A. McCracken is a retired teacher of History, International Relations and AP Psychology from Holmdel High School, Holmdel, NJ. where she taught for 30 years. As an AP Psychology teacher for over a decade, her students regularly scored a 4.4 average on the 5 point AP Psychology exam. Her program on Forensic Psychology was based on the research by the FBI profilers, ending with students creating a profile for the Zodiac killer. She also taught terrorism as part of the International Relations program she created. Jill is a Mandel Fellow with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and a fellow with the U.S. Institute of Peace, both Washington, D.C. and completed an internship at the US Mission to the United Nations in NYC. She was a member of the Board of Directors at the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights and Genocide Studies (CHHanGE) at Brookdale Community college for over two decades. From 2000-2006, she has worked with reconciling Albanian and Serbian teenagers in Kosovo after ethnic cleansing. She is a co-author Learning from the Challenges of Our Times: Global Security, Terrorism and 9/11 curriculum, developed by the N.J. Commission on Holocaust Education, the Liberty Science Center and Families of 9/11. For this work, Jill received the 9/11 Tribute Center Educator’s Award. She is received the NJ State Holocaust Commission’s Maud Dahme Award for Moral Courage. Ms. McCracken received her B.A. in History Education from the College of New Jersey, her MA in Education from Seton Hall University and her MA in Diplomacy and International Conflict Management from Norwich University. She is married to Daniel, and has two daughters. She has conducted election observation missions with OSCE-ODIHR across Europe and Central Asia
Keith McMenamin
I'm an aspiring Chief Information Officer with a unique set of skills and experience. I've led corporate IT departments, served as an adjunct professor teaching technology to new students and owned / operated my IT services company - often times managing these roles simultaneously. I enjoy educating non-technical people on ways to increase their cyber IQ, particularly in the area of security. I taught technology basics to adults for two years (2011-2013) at Kaplan University and recently offered this same course at the Upper Merion Community Center. I'm also a regular career day speaker to schools in Philadelphia.
Mary Ann Meyers
Mary Ann Meyers, PhD, Former Lecturer, American Religious History, University of Pennsylvania and Haverford College The Senior Fellow and a Trustee of the John Templeton Foundation, Mary Ann Meyers served for more than a decade as Secretary of the University of Pennsylvania where she also taught the history of religion in America. She had previously taught at Haverford College and subsequently served as President of The Annenberg Foundation. A magna cum laude graduate of Syracuse University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Dr. Meyers earned a Ph.D. in American civilization at Penn. She is the author of Art, Education, and African American Culture: Albert Barnes and the Science of Philanthropy and A New World Jerusalem: The Swedenborgian Experience in Community Culture. With Gerald O'Collins, she edited Light from Light: Scientists and Theologians in Dialogue.
Karl Middleman
Karl Middleman counts over 300 music courses and lectures in his repertoire. A particularly versatile performer, he is equally at home with Hart and Hammerstein as he is with Handel and Haydn. He has been hailed for the easy ways his presentations mix scholarship with showmanship. Karl has received awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Pew center for Arts and Heritage and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He has lectured for the Philadelphia Orchestra over 50 times. For his work as a symphony conductor he has been cited in 19th Century Music and Philadelphia Magazine, twice winning the Best in Philly Award. He teaches at Temple University's Boyer College of Music.
Rathe Miller
Rathe Miller is a lover of Shakespeare whose "hobby" is The Merchant of Venice -- having seen more than 20 productions and collected a small library of books related to the play. I've been a freelance writer on arts and culture for 40 years and have a degree in Psychology from Antioch University.
Vicki Miller
Vicki Miller is the founder of Vinocity. Although Vicki has been a practicing attorney in Philadelphia for more than 15 years, she also has been a long-time student in formal wine study. Over the years Vicki has been asked to speak on wine and has developed numerous wine events for a variety of institutions, non-profits and various businesses. Vicki developed the Art and Wine event program for a corporate sponsor of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Wine and Literature event for the Raven Society of the Free Library of Philadelphia. Vinocity was born because Vicki realized that wine courses are highly information-filled, but are not socially engaging. Traditional wine tastings, while offering more social interaction, don't provide the kind of useful information to make an informed wine selection. A Vinocity event combines the best of both worlds, as Vicki weaves the facts, figures and scientific aspects of winemaking into interesting short stories and anecdotes about wine history and culture.
Larry Minisci
LAWRENCE MINISCI (aka Larry, Laurent or Lorenzo by his students) has been teaching ESL, French and Italian to children, adults and corporate executives for more than twenty years. In addition to his current responsibilities at MLSN, Mr. Minisci works as a Foreign Language & Cross Cultural Trainer, Freelance Translator and Project Manager for a global language service provider which consults for local, national and multinational companies. Mr. Minisci speaks nine languages and keeps his linguistic and pedagogical skills current by visiting family and friends in Europe, researching new teaching methods and materials, as well as attending professional workshops, seminars and conferences. He studied at Villanova University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Cambridge (UK), Gratz College and the Goethe Institute.
Matt Mittman
Matt Mittman launched his real estate and coaching/teaching career nearly 20 years ago. Upon graduating from Bucknell, Matt found his way back to the Greater Philadelphia area where he set out to build the foundation and systems of his business. The growth of these systems and successes provided the opportunity for him to open RE/MAX Ready in Conshohocken in 2013. Matt’s business and teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief of Knowledge=Confidence and Confidence=Performance. In addition to running his real estate business, Matt is a certified real estate instructor in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. He has taught nationally recognized courses for the Realtor® Associations, as well as for many area schools and organizations. You can find out more about Matt at or
Maureen Monaghan
For thirty plus years, my focus is informing and instructing all educational levels in Mathematics and Informational Technology. Many know me as a computer person, but I have an educational background in mathematics from West Chester University and administration. My recent specialties are Microsoft Office (MOS Expert), MCSE, MCP, Network Security, Networks, Wireless networks, Computer Hardware and Software. I've earned numerous certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft. For a recent overview of my background, please view my LinkedIn profile at
Dianne Moore
Dianne Moore, MSW, MS, CHC, CNE, FNLP founder & owner of MooreBetterFood is a Functional Nutrition Coach focusing on Nutrition and Lifestyle Wellness. Certified through the Functional Nutrition Alliance, Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, she also holds a Master of Social work from Temple University and a Master of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
Sherin Motawea
Sherin Motawea is a graduate of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management in Egypt where she earned a Bachelor of Egyptology. She earned a Master of Arts in Museum and Heritage Studies from University College, U.K. and then held the position of Head of the Egyptian Museums Department at the Supreme Council of Antiquities under the supervision of the renowned Egyptologist, Dr. Hawass. She also holds a MEd dedgree from Widener University.
Carol Ann Muller
Carol Muller, Professor, University of Pennsylvania, was born in Cape Town, South Africa, went to school in Cape Town and Durban; was a Rotary Exchange Student to Minneapolis after high school, and returned to the University of [KwaZulu] Natal for a Bachelor of Music degree in Ethnomusicology. Her mother established and led Stepping Stones Nursey School, which became the model school for training teachers in KZN; her father, a Presbyterian minister, early on urged that one’s faith had to reach beyond the limits placed on South Africans by apartheid. Love God and love your neighbor, whoever that was. Carol co-researched and wrote her undergraduate honors thesis with Janet Topp-Fargion (World Music Curator at the British Library) on gumboot dance. They went into the Glebelands Hostel for Zulu speaking migrant laborers to learn to dance. Carol recognizes that it was a migrant worker who worked in a factory assembling household appliances (though he had no electricity and thus no appliances in his own home) that contributed to her gaining a fellowship for doctoral study at New York University in 1987. She married Eric Grau in both South Africa–where the gumboot dancers were present at the marriage, and Elkader, Iowa in 1987. While studying at NYU, Carol began a small research project with South African jazz singer, then living in exile in NYC, Sathima Bea Benjamin–this would turn into a twenty year project and a co-authored book, Musical Echoes: South African Women Thinking in Jazz (Duke UP 2012). And she undertook doctoral dissertation research back in South Africa with Ibandla lamaNazaretha, the followers of Shembe. Her work focused on the lives, experiences, sermons, song and dance experiences of women in girls in that community. Rituals of Fertility and the Sacrifice of Desire: Nazarite Women’s Performance in South Africa (with CD ROM and published by U of Chicago Press 1999) was the book that came from that work. She would later edit the translation from Zulu to English of Shembe Hymns, a project she had begun with ethnomusicologist Bongani Mthethwa just before his death in 1991. It was finally published by UKZN press in 2010 with an accompanying Compact Disc. While undertaking doctoral research in South Africa, Carol began teaching ethnomusicology at the University of KwaZulu Natal, in the music department, where she initiated a first year music history and culture core course that began in the Inanda Valley in KZN, and gradually spread out to cover all of Africa, and she also worked with colleagues to create a Masters in Music Education focused on South African music. Because there were so few resources for generating teaching materials, Carol spent months going to events around KwaZulu Natal documenting and interviewing musicians to generate the course content. Out of that research, she published Focus: South African Music (first with ABC-CLIO and a second more updated edition with Routledge in 2008, with an accompanying CD). She published four volumes of the International Library of African Music‘s ethnomusicology symposiae papers. In 1996, Carol returned to the United States with her husband, who wished to pursue a PHD in Statistics at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. She taught for a year at UNC-Chapel Hill and then accepted an Assistant Professor of Music position at the University of Pennsylvania in 1998. Carol won a Fellowship to the National Humanities Center in North Carolina and adopted her son Zachary in 1999. In 2000 the family moved to a lovely old Victorian home in West Philadelphia, which they restored to its original beauty and sold in 2005. In 2003 they adopted their daughter Jasmine. The family moved to Yardley PA in 2005. Since coming to Penn, Carol has embraced the wide range of opportunities that University like Penn offeres: in 2002 she taught her first Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) graduate seminar, a pedagogy out of Penn’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships that has given a language to the kind of research and teaching she was already doing as an ethnomusicologist in South Africa. Field Methods in Ethnomusicology has given about a dozen graduate students the opportunity to undertake a mini-dissertation research project as partnership research in West Philly, amongst Christian and Muslim communities of faith. They have created publicly accessible archives of the research drawing on web based platforms–first as websites now as blog formats. More recently, Carol has extended this work for undergraduates–who have undertaken small group research amongst gospel choirs and faith based organizations. In the last few years, Carol has extended her teaching to Freshman Seminars, first focused on World Music materials taught as Critical Writing classes; and more recently in a Provost Arts and Culture sponsored “Hearing Africa” seminar that takes students into the City to hear live performances of African and diasporic musicians performing live. In 2003, the year she adopted her daughter, Carol was the faculty Topic Director for the Penn Humanities Forum on the subject of Belief, broadly defined. In that context she partnered with the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts to apply for a large grant from the then Philadelphia Music Project to initiate a series of African and American roots music that would draw in the African American audience from West Philadelphia. They also ran a Gospel College, with the Director of the Chester Mass Choir leading West Philly church choirs one weekend, giving training as a mass choir that performed at the Annenberg Center that Saturday evening. And out of that initiative, Aretha Franklin was awarded an honorary degree by Penn in 2007. In 2003 Carol also ventured into the relatively unexplored realm of online pedagogy, teaching her first online class in the summer of 2003, An Introduction to World Music and Cultures, a class she has continued to teach each summer, and now throughout the regular school year. A few years later she created Music 51 for online instruction. Using Google Maps this class takes students into the heart of about 30 African countries to learn about their contemporary music, culture, and history, and the travel of African musicians to other parts of the world. In 2013, Carol ventured into the field of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCS) teaching one of the first Humanities courses with Penn/Coursera Listening to World Music, pulling in more than 36,000 registered students. She is doing her best to write the textbook that will accompany this course, to be published by Oxford University Press. Carol was Penn’s representative to Imagining America for several years, was local arrangements for the IA conference in 2006, where we took conference attendees to church in West Philly on the Sunday morning! Three years ago she was made the first faculty fellow in digital engagement, and in 2014 was named the second Moorman Simon Faculty Fellow in Community Engagement. She has been Director of Penn’s Africa Center since July 2013, striving to transform it from an SAS Center into a university wide resource, exploring how to put African languages online, how to get Penn’s growing African undergraduate community more engaged with the African continent while at Penn, and pulling together the 150 or so graduate students engaged with doctoral work in and about Africa.
Staff, Museum of the American Revolut
The Museum of the American Revolution uncovers and shares compelling stories about the diverse people and complex events that sparked America’s ongoing experiment in liberty, equality, and self-government. Through the Museum’s unmatched collection, immersive galleries, powerful theater experiences, and interactive elements, visitors gain a deeper appreciation for how this nation came to be and feel inspired to consider their role in ensuring that the promise of the American Revolution endures. Located just steps away from Independence Hall, the Museum serves as a portal to the region’s many Revolutionary sites, sparking interest, providing context, and encouraging exploration. The Museum, which opened on April 19, 2017, is a private, non-profit, and non-partisan organization. For more information, visit
Juliet Najdawi
JULIET NAJDAWI is a native speaker and teacher of the Arabic Language - Modern Standard. She has been teaching Arabic at MLSN and other local high schools since 2006. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Bryn Mawr College. This background allows her to implement the most effective methods of planning and conducting energetic lesson plans to accommodate most learning styles. She can be reached at for questions and comments.
McKaig Nature Center
Vytas Masalaitis, McKaig Park Ranger, VP KoP Historical Society (Ret.)
Staff, Newlin Grist Mill
Neal Newman
Over the past 40 years, Neal Newman has directed extensively in classical, Shakespeare, modern theater, musicals, and opera. He trained as an actor at California State University, and trained in Shakespeare at ACT of San Francisco, where he directed A CRY OF PLAYERS, and THE CRITIC, and acted the title role in RICHARD II. He trained as a director at Carnegie Mellon, and the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. He directed many Off-Broadway productions in New York (DANCE ON A COUNTRY GRAVE, CRADLE WILL ROCK, ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD); ran a summer stock company, (ROBBER BRIDEGROOM, TAMING OF THE SHREW); and directed five seasons of Shakespeare in the Park in Philadelphia, (MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM, HAMLET, HENRY IV). Opera productions include many by Gilbert & Sullivan, BOHEME, and CARMEN. He was a New York Critic for Show Business Magazine for 7 years, and continues as a record producer. He has taught and directed at The Walnut Street Theater, Fordham University (CABARET, FIGARO); University of the Arts (SEAGULL, CRUCIBLE); Cabrini College (MISS JULIE, 2 GENTLEMEN OF VERONA); and the University Of Pennsylvania, (MIKADO). At Steel River Playhouse he directed RAGTIME, MIRACLE WORKER, CHRISTMAS CAROL, BLITHE SPIRIT and TOYS IN THE ATTIC. As an actor, Neal has appeared at Steel River in THE CRUCIBLE, (Danforth) and PIPPIN, (Charlemange). He was co author of GOLDILOCKS AND THE DOWN HOME BEARS presented at Steel River, and will soon present a reading of the new musical LITTLE PRINCESS. Neal recently presented BIRTH OF A NATION, AND THE FOUNDING OF WHITE SUPREMACY at MLSN.
Char Nolan
Char Nolan has been plant-based for ten years. She is a certified plant-based chef with a certificate in plant-based nutrition from é-Cornell. She teaches nutrition and plant-based cooking throughout the Philadelphia region. She is a contributor to "Veg World Magazine," and many of her recipes also appear at, The Engine 2 Cookbook, and more.
Scott Noye
Scott Noye is a native Bostonian who has been living in the Philadelphia area for over 30 years. He received his BS degree in Culinary Arts and Management from Johnson and Wales University, and has been working in the retail, management, education, and customer service areas of the food industry. A father of three, Mr. Scott lives in Broomall, Delaware County Mr. Scott, as he is known by his students, is a home-cook, "foodie", and an avid fan and follower of the local restaurant scene. He is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge and expertise, as well as using healthy, locally grown, and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Scott developed the idea for Chef Dad's Table. He was a teaching assistant at Widener University, a PA Certified Substitute Teacher, and a Culinary Instructor at a Lavner Summer Camp. When schools shut down due to COVID, Scott immediately answered parents' needs for homeschool assistance and tutoring. While working with his students, he also discovered that everyone was struggling to find non-traditional learning activities that were Covid-safe, yet interesting and fun. Scott's culinary training led him to develop cooking and baking classes for children. And thus "Chef Dad's Table" was born. Besides cooking and eating great food, one of the missions of Chef Dad's Table is to provide a safe and engaging place for kids and teens to learn and have fun. Whether it is to strengthen their academic skills or to explore their creative side, Chef Dad's Table offers students a variety of extra-curricular classes, activities, and camps. The classes teach life long skills, build confidence and self-esteem, and introduce students to a variety of vocations and opportunities that are available to them later in life. Chef Dad's Table continues to work with local like-minded organizations to educate people about Family and Consumer Sciences with the goal of helping those in need and reducing the burden that Food Insecurity causes. The students of Chef Dad's Table are introduced to volunteering and philanthropy through their efforts to help combat Food Insecurity and to increase social harmony in our communities.
Michael Nutter
Former Mayor, City of Philadelphia; David N. Dinkins Professor of Professional Practice in Urban and Public Affairs, Columbia University
Caroline O'Halloran
Caroline O’Halloran is the founding editor and publisher of the award-winning online newsmagazine, SAVVY Main Line. Before she created SAVVY, Caroline was a longtime journalist, editor and freelance writer whose articles appeared in regional newspapers, national magazines and collegiate publications. Hundreds of articles carried her byline in the Main Line Times, Main Line Suburban Life and Main Line Life where she served as features, education, society and news editor. An honors graduate of Brown University, Caroline began her journalism career on all-news radio as an anchor, reporter, public affairs show host and producer. She is a proud graduate of Merion Mercy Academy and lives in Malvern.
Michelle Oosterbaan
Michelle Oosterbaan’s drawings, wall paintings, and installations describe relationships between motion/stasis, and investigate ideas of cartography, memory and the idea of place, in an ever-evolving notion of the sublime landscape. Oosterbaan has exhibited internationally including the Weatherspoon Art Museum, The Drawing Center, The Delaware Art Museum, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and Museum, The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, MO. Recent public art projects include the Democratic National Convention and the Mural Arts Philadelphia. She has a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis as a Fred Conway Scholar and an MFA from Indiana University with post-graduate studies in Florence, Italy with S.A.C.I and Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Currently she teaches at PAFA, Drexel University, Wilmington Friends, and the Fleisher Art Memorial.
Staff, PHS
Y'vonne Page-Magnus
An experienced jewelry maker, Y'vonne is the owner of "Design Your Own Jewelry Workshop" and teaches workshops throughout PA, NJ, DE and MD. She holds a BA in Fine Arts from the Inter-Continental University of London. In London, she designed jewelry for Harrods and Fenwick department stores.
Michelle Partlow
Michelle is a professional educator and teaches Mah Jongg locally and around the country. She is a tournament player, lauded as an outstanding teacher who is enthusiastic and patient.
Ray Pasternak
Tania Perelberg
I grew up watching a master seamstress at work—my mother—and started sewing as a child. Quilting has always been my passion. Back in Brazil, where the art of quilting is not widespread, I had to make (invent) my own quilts with my own supplies and my own techniques. Luckily, eight years ago I moved to the United States, the quilting capital of the world, and since then I have been in heaven, quilting on a daily basis, six to ten hours a day. I have taken scores of classes, attended many quilting exhibitions and constantly improving my techniques. No quilt is impossible to me, I see the most difficult ones as challenges I have to face and succeed. I have made more than two hundred quilts, I have my own studio at home with a professional long arm quilting machine. I sell the quilts on Etsy (MyCrazyBulldogQuilts) , eBay (mycrazybulldog) as well on Facebook (My Crazy Bulldog) , and at various craft fairs along the year, not for the sake of the money, but for the love of quilting . As a Biologist I donate all profits to various animal welfare organizations.
Lennie Perrott
Lennie Perrott is a licensed psychologist and certified life coach in Wayne, who works with individuals, couples and families. Central to her work is the powerful self-discovery tool, the Enneagram, which she uses extensively in her private practice and in group settings. You can find out more about lennie on her website:
Elizabeth Perry
Beth Perry, Tai Chi Instructor
Robert Peters
Robert Peters, Wine Specialist, Best of 'Philadelphia Magazine' has over 25 years of experience in the wine and spirits industry. Wine Specialist at the Ardmore Fine Wine & Good Spirits store which is the number one store in the southeast Pennsylvania area. Rob has been working with MLSN for over 20 years.
Venessa Phipps
Venessa has been in the Natural Products industry since 2008. She toggles between Cold Process, Hot Process and Melt & Pour soaps and the creation of aromatic blends for bath and body products. She is a certified Soap Maker and teacher, certified in Clinical Aromatherapy and Natural Products Manufacturing. She is currently a writer for Making Soap Magazine and publishes a blog on her website and a YouTuber. Owner, DeGanya Aromatics.
Candice Player
In her role as the Vice President of Outreach at Project HOME, Candice Player provides mission-focused leadership for the Outreach Department. Through the Outreach Coordination Center, the Hub of Hope and the Ambassadors of Hope, Outreach engages individuals who are living on the streets of Philadelphia and provides vital linkages to housing, health care, food, clothing, meals, and other necessities. In this role, Player also leads the Advocacy Department with a focus on removing systemic barriers to exiting homelessness. Prior to joining Project HOME, Player was an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern Law School, where she taught classes on health law, health policy, mental health law, torts, and bioethics. Player holds an A.B. from Harvard College, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and a Ph.D. in Ethics and Health Policy from Harvard University. In 2003, Player received an M.Phil. in Criminology from the University of Cambridge. Player is an expert on the law and ethics of civil commitment. Her thought-provoking articles have appeared in publications including the Stanford Law & Policy Review, The International Journal of Law & Psychiatry, and The Rutgers Law Review.
Nancy Plummer
Nancy Plummer MEd, resides in West Chester with her husband Christopher Plummer, whom she met through online dating. Before starting All About Connecting, Nancy was an on-air TV personality, filmmaker, realtor, and educator. Nancy started All About Connecting to help others survive heartbreak and prepare themselves for new, exciting and loving relationships. Through her personal coaching services, newspaper columns, speaking engagements and media interviews, Nancy teaches hundreds of women how to navigate their relationships and become empowered one step at a time. She is currently writing a book "The Art of Moving On." Find out more,
Julie Potter
Julie Potter, Artist
Kathleen Powell
Kathleen Powell is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Criminology and Justice Studies, with a joint affiliation with the Center for Public Policy. Broadly, her research examines the various impacts of involvement with the juvenile and criminal justice systems. She focuses on identifying person-level outcomes of being arrested, on community supervision, or incarcerated. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, her research is often grounded in the life course paradigm and/or the social stress process. Her recent scholarship includes an investigation of age-based variation in mental health following justice system involvement that highlighted the concentrated adverse consequences of incarceration during late adolescence and the transition to adulthood for individuals’ depression and anxiety. Similar papers include a study of occupational stress among public defenders and inequality in earnings following arrest and incarceration in early adulthood. Recently, her research agenda has expanded to include applied projects tackling issues of central importance to criminal justice policy in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. This work includes a study of legal financial obligations in community corrections; higher education in correctional contexts; and reentry assistance programs. In conjunction with agency and community partners, this line of research seeks to better understand the daily operations of the justice system and their impact on social and criminological outcomes for persons involved with the system. Kathleen Powell earned her PhD from the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers – Newark, her MS from the University of Pennsylvania, and her BS from The College of New Jersey. Selected Publications: Powell, K. (2021). The Age-Graded Consequences of Justice System Involvement for Mental Health. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. Powell, K., Hyatt, J. M., & Link, N. W. (Forthcoming). Implementing reforms in community corrections: Lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. Crime & Delinquency. Link, N, Powell, K., Hyatt, J., and Ruhland, E. (2021). Considering the process of debt collection in community corrections: The case of the Monetary Compliance Unit. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 37(1), 128-147. Bacak, V., Lageson, S. E., & Powell, K. (2019). “Fighting the good fight”: Why do public defenders remain on the job? Criminal Justice Policy Review. Apel, R., and Powell, K. (2019). Level of criminal justice contact and early adult wage inequality. “Criminal Justice Contact and Inequality,” RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences. Wakefield, S., & Powell, K. (2016). Distinguishing petty offenders from serious criminals in the estimation of family life effects. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 665(1), 195-212.
Joel Price
Joel F. W. Price is the Technology Outreach Team Lead at Swarthmore College. In addition, he has consulted for schools, musicians, and small businesses, including social media strategy and implementation, individual and small-group training and photography. He has spoken nationally at conferences on the topic of responsible and creative emerging media implementation.
Margo Rabb
Margo Rabb’s essays, journalism, book reviews, and short stories have been published in The New York Times, The New York Times Book Review, The Atlantic, Slate, Salon, and Marie Claire, and have been broadcast on NPR. She is the author of the award-winning novels Lucy Clark Will Not Apologize, Kissing in America, and Cures for Heartbreak, all published by HarperCollins. She has taught writing at Rosemont College and Vermont College. Visit her online at
Christine Reyes
Christine Reyes, Certified Zentangle™ Teacher (CZT) who has been doing Zentangle™ since 2012 when she had an operation to remove a brain tumor. Zentangle™ helped in the recovering process. Her goal is to help others find relief from the negative parts of their lives by using the meditative art form of Zentangle™.
Catherine Robert
Catherine Jeanne Robert, PhD, BA, Connecticut College for Women, MA, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, has taught at Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges. She is currently on the Liberal Arts faculty of the University of The Arts. Dr. Robert wrote her dissertation under the direction of Dr. Robert Regan.
Dorothy Roberts
Dorothy Roberts is the 14th Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor and George A. Weiss University Professor of Law & Sociology at University of Pennsylvania, with joint appointments in the Departments of Africana Studies and Sociology and the Law School, where she is the inaugural Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Professor of Civil Rights. She is also Founding Director of the Penn Program on Race, Science & Society. An internationally acclaimed scholar, public intellectual, and social justice activist, Roberts has written and lectured extensively on the interplay of race, gender, and class inequities in U.S. institutions and has been a leader in transforming thinking on reproductive justice, child welfare, and bioethics. She is author of the award-winning Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty (1997); Shattered Bonds: The Color of Child Welfare (2001); and Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics, and Big Business Re-create Race in the Twenty-First Century (2011), as well as more than 100 articles and book chapters, including “Race” in the 1619 Project. Her latest book, Torn Apart: How the Child Welfare System Destroys Black Families—And How Abolition Can Build a Safer World (2022), culminates more than two decades of investigating racism in family policing and calls for a radically reimagined way to support children and their families. Torn Apart was a finalist for an LA Times Book Prize. Professor Roberts has served on the boards of directors of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Black Women’s Health Imperative, and National Coalition for Child Protection Reform. Recent recognitions of her work include elections to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, and the National Academy of Medicine, Rutgers University-Newark Honorary Doctor of Law Degree; Juvenile Law Center Leadership Prize; Abortion Liberation Fund of PA Rosie Jimenez Award; New Voices for Reproductive Justice Voice of Vision Award; Society of Family Planning Lifetime Achievement Award; and American Psychiatric Association Solomon Carter Fuller Award.
Marie Roberts
MARIE ROBERTS, M.A. World Religions, M.S. Counseling Psychology, is an author, counselor, ordained Presbyterian minister, and teacher of yoga and meditation. She has taught well-being through body/mind/spirit integration for the past thirty years. Her website is and she can be reached at
Leslie Robison
Leslie Robison has provided coaching and organizing services 1999. She is passionate about helping you achieve more ease, credibility and satisfaction at home and at work. Master your day, master your life:
Jason Rodriguez
Jason D. Rodriguez is an illustrator who specializes in comic art and picture books for children, working digitally and traditionally. He teaches drawing and illustration to adults, teens and children.
Nicole Rodriguez
Nicole Rodriguez is an exercise therapist. She is certified in Exercise Therapy Skills and Posture Alignment through the Egoscue Institute.She worked as an exercise therapist at Egoscue of Philadelphia before opening Pain Free Philly. She was disabled in a car accident and a chronic pain sufferer for years until she was healed by corrective exercises. Nicole works with clients privately and semi-privately at MovementRx Studio in Wynnewood, where she teaches strengthening/cardio and dance fusion classes. Learn more at
Anthony Francis Russo
Anthony Russo, AB, German Language and Literature with Italian Minor, Villanova University, 1970; MA German Language and Literature, Villanova University, 1974 Hired as a teacher of German in 1970, I initiated an Italian curriculum within 3 years, and within 10 years, the program had grown to a full 4 year curriculum. Two full-time teachers of Italian were needed due to student number, about five years later. In 1996, hired again as a teacher of German for the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District in Chester County, I was asked to initiate an Italian curriculum once again at Conestoga High School, and this program grew to a full 4 year curriculum in four years, with 2 full-time teachers of Italian within 9 years. During my career, I have led 15 tours with students and adults, to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but mostly to Italy. I led a tour of 35 students and adults to Italy and Sicily most recently. As leader of the group, and as lead teacher, I was required to deal with such diverse situations as rooming and other hotel issues, retail store negotiations which students were not able to handle, logistical issues of timing with the tour bus, the Metro in Rome, and the like. While touring with my students, I also had the unique privilege to sing in the Teatro di Ercolano (the ancient theater in Herculaneum) as a demonstration of the incredible acoustics which the ancient Romans developed over 2000 years ago. No microphone is necessary even today, to project the voice of the actor or singer to reach the hundreds in the audience. Almost thirty-nine years of classroom teaching in high school, adult night school, and several courses at the university level in not only Italian, but also in Cultural Diversity, have given me an excellent proficiency in written and spoken Italian, and virtually native fluency in speaking. Never having lived in Italy for any extended period of time, I have nonetheless more than held my own in both business and personal conversations with natives - even those using in part their local dialect - on various topics.
Crista Salvatore
Crista Salvatore is an experienced global leadership facilitator, coach, and the founder of Spark Truth ( She is known for her expertise in helping executives, high-potentials, and professionals tap into their authentic style. Her clients produce exceptional results by going within, increasing their insight and knowing, leveraging their strengths, and increasing their capacity to take action. For 15+ years, she has worked in talent and organizational development. Her experience has fostered proven results for her clients, delivering practical learning solutions focused on leadership and team performance. Coaching is about self-discovery and Crista’s experience in the field has given her plenty of insight on the myriad of ways people navigate their personal relationships. That insight combined with her own experience with relationships gave her the inspiration to write The Grace Within. She at an early age had a deep desire to write a book. This book was a way to express her voice and creativity. Most of all her hope is to spark insight and healing with everyone who reads it.
Lindsey Sansoni
Lindsey Sansoni, Owner Why Not Macrame
Karen Santini Clemens
Through over 23 years of experience as a CPA, it has become clear to me how beneficial it is for clients to take an active role in their financial planning. This is the reason I have expanded my practice to include a full range of financial advisory services. Working alongside my clients has allowed me to advise them on financial planning while educating them on the tax impacts of investing. Together we are able to take a proactive approach to financial planning, including potential tax savings and minimizing tax exposure. Through fostering a true client partnership and working together as a team, I am able to help guide clients through life’s milestones. Whether it be navigating through a major life event, planning a comfortable retirement, or educating the next generation on the importance of future planning, my services will be there every step of the way. I grew up in Wayne, PA and attended Pennsylvania State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. I have been residing in West Chester since 1999 where I raised my two children, Nick and Sara. In my free time I enjoy exercising, the beach, reading, gardening, and traveling.
Rona Satten
RONA CORDISH SATTEN is a Professional Member of the National Qigong Association and a Certified Level III Instructor. She is certified by Master Li JunFeng to teach Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, and has been certified as an Associate Healing Tao Instructor. Rona is a lifelong shamanic qigong student of Master Zhongxian Wu. She is also certified as a Medical Qigong Therapist through the International Institute of Medical Qigong and has a healing practice combining qi healing with other energy therapies. Rona loves teaching and her priority is to share the joyful, self-healing qigong practice with everyone interested. More information is available from her at:
Alyssa Schimmel
Alyssa Schimmel is a community herbalist, licensed massage therapist, gardener, teacher, and forager, passionate about sharing knowledge of regional food and medicine ways in community. She serves as the founder of Wild Wisdom, a multi-season foraging program, and Many Hands Community Apothecary Herbal Aid Ed at The Farm at Awbury Arboretum, a mutual-aid herbal education program and community medicine network. She has designed and led therapeutic garden and education programs in schools, recovery centers, senior centers, and with homeschool community groups since 2014.
Jane Schultz
Jane Schultz is a visual artist, whose work ranges from an expressionist exploration of emotions to an impressionist exploration of movement, all documented in IOS based photographic images. Her work has been exhibited in museums, art centers, and galleries on an international basis, and featured in numerous publications for photography and mobile artistry. She has been recognized in numerous art competitions including the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, MIRA Mobile Prize, Mobile Photography Awards, Florence International Photography Awards, and Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit. In addition to creating, Jane administers Edit from the Soul and @ig_artistry, Facebook and Instagram sites which promote originality, creativity, and emotive art, curates for the New Era Museum, judges photographic competitions, and teaches mobile photography and artistry.
Melissa Schweiter Oeth
Melissa is a lifelong resident of the Main Line. She has a Master's Degree in Counseling from Villanova University which plays a huge role in the work she does in helping people with the difficult transition of preparing and selling their homes. She started The Well Kept Home in 2014 because she wanted to help friends, family and now an extensive network of clients to make their homes more enjoyable, more beautiful and more profitable. Melissa is authentic, compassionate and committed to providing service to others in any aspect of real estate.
Julie Seville's Lifetime Fitness
Julie has been leading group exercise classes for nearly 30 years and has been teaching classes at Main Line School Night since 1995. Fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Julie strives to make every class fun, informative and motivating, and to help her students achieve their health and fitness goals.
Anjali Shaw
I have a B.A. in European Studies/French literature and an M.A. in Information Science. I have also spent a number of years studying film at the New School in New York City. I was a tenured faculty member at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC before moving to the Main Line in 2006. I have been an avid student of film and culture for decades, but only discovered Hindi Cinema more recently. It has changed my life in that it is so much more than movies; there is a profound wisdom and emotional connection that these movies provide. It has become my passion to help others experience this.
Carol Shelkin
CAROL SHELKIN is an artist that honed her skills as a painter, potter and educator for many years. After attending Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts she continued a successful career teaching and showing her artwork. Her work has been displayed at The Museum of Man, San Diego, Chicago's Navy Pier and Philadelphia Magic Gardens to name a few. She has been accepting mosaic commissions, teaching, and creating contemporary and fine art works. Carol has designed and collaborated on several community projects and installations which included working with seven hundred school children. More information is available on her website:
Anna Sicalides
Anna has been a Main Line resident since 1965 and started Your Organizing Consultants in 2002. She is a Certified Professional Organizer, has a certificate in Home Organizing and has been a leader in her industry serving the National Association of Professional Organizers in leadership positions locally and nationally for over ten years. Anna's team serves clients in various capacities from moving, downsizing, photo organizing, storage consulting, setting up inventories for wine cellars and collections. In 2016 Your Organizing Consultants was awarded Philadelphia Family's Best Professional Organizer!
Certified Staff Professionals, The Skatium
Cheri Skipworth
Cheri Skipworth is the owner of the HandmadeU Studio. HandmadeU inspires creativity in others through offering a monthly craft subscription box as well as craft workshops. Cheri has been an avid crafter for more than 30 years and has been teaching arts and crafts to others for more than 20 years.
Ken Sklar
Ken Sklar has moderated MLSN course Topics in the News since 2014. Before that he created the popular Global Issues and Contemporary American Studies classes at Radnor H.S., where he taught for 37 years. While there, Ken served on the faculty of the Governor’s School for International Studies, helmed the Model UN Club, the Global Responsibility Organization, the student newspaper, led trips to the Soviet Union and China, ran Radnor’s gifted education program, and hosted guest speakers from area colleges, US and foreign governments as well as former students. Always seeking to promote the teaching profession, Ken served as President of Radnor’s Teachers union and was its Chief Negotiator. Ken considers himself a lifelong learner who transitioned from teaching 17 year-olds to septuagenarians. A political junkie and an avid traveler, Ken has visited over 80 countries. He is married with three sons and two grandchildren
Debbie Smith
Debbie Smith has been teaching dance for over 40 years. She teaches Ballet, Tap and Jazz to both children and adults at Dain Dance Academy (formerly McHenry Dance Center) where she is a faculty member. She enjoys continuing education classes at the University of the Arts, Broadway Dance Center, Koresh, and Dance Masters of America summer intensive at NY University and taking classes from the many tap masters throughout the Philadelphia Area. She is a member of a tap company known as UCTT (Uniting Colleges Through Tap) and is proud to be a part of this ambitious talented company of tap dancers.
Emily Smith
Emily Smith is a Restorative Movement and Myofascial Release Therapist with expert level training in John F. Barnes, PT Myofascial Release Approach and over 20 years experience as a bodyworker. She is licensed in Massage and Bodywork Therapy in NC and PA, certified in Pilates, and has completed teacher training in Qigong and Yin Yoga. Emily offers personalized care online and in person in NC & PA.
Rick Spector
Rick Spector has been teaching local and national nostalgia to enthusiastic groups for 37 years. He founded Moviehouse Productions in 1983, delighting audiences throughout the Delaware Valley with his multi-media nostalgia shows. His core programs include his multi-part series on the popular history of Philadelphia. Rick's works were inspired by his Philly childhood, the tales his father shared with him, his travels about the city and research into its underappreciated past. Rick worked for 35 years for Philadelphia Corporation for Aging in community relations. "Radio Rick" hosted the Milestones radio show for PCA during its entire five-year run. Rick is a graduate of the Philly school system and Temple University. Visit his website at to view his podcasts and for further information about his work.
MLSN Staff
Staff, MLSN
Staff, Stateside Distillery
Todd Stofka
Todd Stofka, CH, HNLP, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. He developed the Stofka Method by integrating NLP and Hypnotherapy with his background in Aikido, Jujitsu and a variety of competitive sports. Founder of the Philly Hypnosis Centers, since 2001 has spent transforming smokers into non-smokers, and sports enthusiasts into ace athletes. Whether weight management or lack of confidence is an issue, or a person is facing fear filled phobias, Todd is deftly able to “rewire” the negative thoughts or behaviors and assist his clients in overcoming a wide variety of obstacles. ToddStofkaheadshotoc Todd is an adjunct professor at Montgomery County Community College teaching classes on hypnosis. Todd has been published and is a frequent contributor to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, The Trend, The Local, Philly Fit, 2009 US Open Golf, Sports Psychology Tennis, Self growth, Think well, Expert click, American Chronicle, Green Doc, Soft Ball Gloves, Circadian Dreams, Smoke, Alternative Fitness, Thomas Cox, Simply Healthy, My Life, Expert contributor for Ezine Article, Article base, Podcast Alley, Video / TV – Veoh, Metacafe, YouTube, Clisper, AOL, Yahoo, Metacafe, Kewago, Daily Motion, Radio – Blog Talk Radio, WOGL, WKYW, Sports 610 As a former competitive ski racer and sports trainer, he folds these varied disciplines into his Stofka Method to help people reach their personal goals. He is noted for his ability to reach deep into a person’s psyche and touch their core talent and dream, while creating just the right connection to anchor this as a new behavior in their daily life. He is skilled at stimulating his client’s ability to embody the skills used by outstanding performers and experts in the field of aspired excellence. Todd builds rapport easily and he is known for his honest assessment of his clients needs. As a result he has earned a reputation of trust. Prior to founding the Philly Hypnosis Centers, Todd was a corporate executive holding various management positions from construction to technology oriented companies. He excelled at strategy, vision and mission planning and continuously exceeded sales goals. Most recently, he was Regional Vice President of Sales for Titan Technology Partners, a national software firm. Mr. Stofka has a BS in engineering and management from Clarkson University and is currently working on his MBA. He has always strived to refine and develop himself further and he has taken a myriad of independent course work, from the Sandler Selling System to Management of People Skills and Development at Cornell University. Originally, Todd took a hypnosis course to improve certain aspect of his own life and business performance. During his initial studies, he had a personal turning point, which inspired him to seek the healer within and dedicate his life to helping others reach their personal excellence. He proceeded to take courses in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. He has numerous certifications in both disciplines, including “Certified Master Practitioner”. Todd is a member of NGH, (National Guild of Hypnotists) and NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association). Mr. Stofka’s, Philly Hypnosis Centers are located in Chalfont, Pennsylvania and The Virtual Office on Skype. In addition, Todd teaches skiing and snowboarding. He resides with his wife and two children in the Philadelphia area.
Staff Stoneleigh: a natural garden
Staff, Stoneleigh: a natural garden
Jackie Strauss
Broadcast Pioneers Board member Jackie Strauss is a Philly girl, born and raised. Her memories of growing up in the city led her to her position as "Neighborhood Correspondent" on the "Remember When” radio program, along with hosts, Steve Ross and Jim Murray, formerly on “CBS 1210 AM” and then on “ 990 AM WNTP” for over a decade. During the six years Jackie was a part of the radio show, her segment was one of the longest-running features; reporting on people's birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and events in their lives, and researching the various neighborhoods in the Delaware Valley which prompted calls from listeners anxious to talk about their memories and their pride in the places where they grew up. Jackie was always a part of the conversational dialogue between Steve and Jimmy and their listeners, as they took their weekly trip together down "Memory Lane”.
Lawrence Swesey
I am a retired educator and military officer, married with three adult children. My educational experience is primarily in mentoring and instructing adult (both young and mature) students in a variety of disciplines. My professional educational career centered upon instructing juniors and seniors in a highly regarded academic public high school in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. My military career included a long assignment as a primary instructor at the U.S. Army’s Reserve Officer Advanced Course at Ft Knox, Kentucky. Additionally, my professional career included several years as an adjunct facility instructor at the college level. I have also, presented lectures, learning sessions and workshops at professional conferences and various organizations, developed and conducted educational tours of historical significant locations and mentored young professionals. After retiring from public school instruction I accepted a position as Adjunct Professor at Valley Forge Military College instructing Ethics and History. Since my professional retirement I have continued to give occasional lectures and conduct historical site educational tours. I also serve as a volunteer in the Museum Programs Department at The Benjamin Franklin Institute , Philadelphia, PA. Certifications and degrees include: Bachelor of Science The United States Military Academy, West Point, New York 1969 Master of Education Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1978 U.S. Army Instructor 275th U.S. Army Reserve School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1985 Major educational assignments include: High School Teacher Lower Moreland High School Huntingdon Valley, PA High School Teacher Lower Merion School District Lower Merion, PA Advanced Course Inst U.S. Officer Reserve Advanced Course Ft Knox, KY High School Teacher West Windsor-Plainsboro Sch. Dis trict Princeton Junction, NJ Adjunct Professor Valley Forge Military College Wayne, PA
Caroline Texier
Staff, The Rail Park
Staff, The Rail Park
Fukue (Fay) Toyozato
Fay Toyozato, Chef, Japanese Cooking Instructor
Ellen Trachtenberg
Ellen Trachtenberg is the owner of the Narberth Bookshop, which she opened in 2016 after more than 25 years of book industry experience. Prior to opening the bookshop, Ellen served as a book publicist and publishing consultant.
Staff Tri-State Training
Staff, Tri-State Training
Catherine Twitmyer
Catherine Twitmyer has been helping individuals and families understand senior living options since 2014 when she guided her in-laws through the process. She founded Next Nest Advisors to provide families expertise and support in navigating this often-challenging and emotional transition — from touring communities, to analyzing financial and medical options, to reviewing contracts, to lining up movers. Catherine provides insight, objectivity, and compassion and considers her clients an extension of her family. Catherine lives in Wayne and has supported families across the country. She holds an MBA and a BS from the University of Virginia.;
I US Coast Guard Aux. 5NR
Staff, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Tracie Ullman
Tracie Ullman is an esteemed Agent of Change with over 25 years of experience in coaching and empowering individuals. She holds a Master's in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Elman Hypnosis, and TIME Techniques™ Therapy from the prestigious Transform Destiny. In addition, she is a Board Certified trainer of various techniques including NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, REIKI, and TIME Techniques, among others. Tracie's extensive training and expertise make her a highly regarded professional in the field of personal development and transformation. In 2009, she had a near death experience where she suffocated, lost consciousness and had amnesia for 6 months afterwards. During this difficult time, Tracie persevered by trusting that everything will work out, and to use her inner wisdom (that still small voice inside) to overcome any fears that were holding her back from being a healer. In 2010, SoulScapes Reiki Laser Skin was born and she has never looked back. Tracie empowers other women and men to start living their dream today.
Richard Unti
Rich Unti has been a wine professional in the Philadelphia region for over 30 years as a Broker, Importer and Sales Representative. He has visited many wineries around the world and is always on the lookout for the new trends in the industry.
Staff Upper Merion Community Center
Staff, Upper Merion Community Center
Kate Varley
Kate Varley earned a BA from Clark University, MS and PhD from University of Pennsylvania. She has worked as a therapist, psych adjunct, teacher, editor, tutor, and even had a brief stint as a quasi-forger (totally legal). She was founder and editor of the late, lamented zine of autobiographical writing and poetry, Creek Road Gang, and author of a comic mystery Off Center.
Nury Vicens
Nury Vicens holds a MFA from University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Applied Art School of the University of Chile. Nury works in many different kinds of media and she currently works on portrait commissions and indoor murals. She has been noted as a PA Latino artist and was chosen to exhibit her paintings at the State Museum of Pennsylvania and The Berman Museum of Art. She has been invited to exhibit in Germany, Belgium and Chile as well as many juried exhibitions in the States. Her work was exhibited at Zone One Gallery in Philadelphia for many years.
Marylyn Waltzer
Marylyn Waltzer, NY Botanical Gardens Certified Botanical Illustrator
I Wayne Ballet & Center for
Musical Theatre Dance instructor Barby Hobyak Roche Barby received degrees in Theatre & Education from Villanova University and an MFA in Dance from the University of Michigan. Favorite theatrical roles over the years include Maria (West Side Story/Vasey Theatre), Cinderella (Into The Woods/Vasey ), Masie (The Boyfriend/Vasey), Eve (The Meat Opera/Phila & NY Fringe Festivals), Cassie (A Chorus Line/Candlelight Dinner Theater), Peggy (42nd Street/Candlelight), Polly (Crazy For You/Candlelight), Give My Regards to Broadway & Hooray for Hollywood (Three Little Bakers). She has performed with a variety of Dance Companies: Opus, Koresh Dance Company, Jazz Dance Theatre, Ann Arbor Dance Works, Artichoke Dance Co, NetCo, and Fiddlekicks. Barby has enjoyed teaching dance (and choreographing musicals) in Villanova University’s Theatre Dept. for the past 24 years.

Tap Beginner instructor Sarah Vogan Sarah began her training at a young age. Her performance highlights include: ABC Boscov's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Sunoco Welcome America 4th of July Parades, Republican National Convention in 2000, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell Inauguration Parade, and in 2003, Sarah made her debut dancing at Carnegie Hall in concert with Janellen Farmer. A dancer with The Lady Hoofers Tap Ensemble, she was recognized in 2019 by Camille Bacon-Smith of Broad Street Review as the "star turn" of The Lady Hoofers' annual spring concert, On Tap. With The Lady Hoofers, Sarah has also been cast in the premier performances of guest choreographers: Dolores Sanchez, Caleb Teicher, Michele Dunleavy, Robyn Watson, Lisa LaTouche, and Michael J. Love.

Tap Experience instructor Gail Oldfield Gail is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. From touring the country in her early career to becoming a Radio City Music Hall Rockette, she has enjoyed many memorable dance experiences. She was Dance Director at Cabrini College for several years, as well a choreographer for over sixty musical productions across the tri-county area. Recently, she served as Vice President of the Rockette Alumnae Association in New York City.
Sally Weinstock
Sally Weinstock is the founder of Pennington Arts. She has taught piano, recorder, drums, music theory, and composition for over forty years. She has also written for radio, television, and print, and has been teaching creative writing and providing editorial services since 1995.
Susan Weisgrau
Susan Weisgrau is a retired writing and literature teacher with J.M. Barrack Hebrew Academy (formerly Akiba) She is a former board member of JASNA, Eastern Pennsylvania. and judge of national student essay contests for JASNA. Susan has led book groups for many years at libraries and other venues.
Nancy White
Nancy White is owner of Digital Consulting Associates, LLC in West Chester PA. She is a technology course development specialist, and gives private computer lessons to individuals and business in the Main Line area. A graduate of Immaculata University, Nancy has a contagious passion for teaching adults how to make the best possible use of technology. She is also an adjunct instructor at Delaware County Community College. Nancy's company website is and she can be reached at 610-357-1525.
Staff, Winterthur Museum
Phil Witmer
Phil Witmer is an avid birder and conservationist with over 30 years birding experience. He is a past board member of Bucks County Audubon Society, past-president of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, one of the oldest birding clubs in the country, and is on the board of Audubon PA. He is also active locally in Bird Town initiatives, volunteers banding Northern Saw-whet owls, monitors American kestrel boxes and has attended Powdermill Preserve’s trainings on passerine banding. While certainly not an expert on bird identification, he has devoted much time to the conservation of birds, the forces driving their decline and what we need to do to save them. He leads walks at Mill Grove Center and lectures on a variety of related topics. He has spent many hours enjoying the birds at his backyard feeders.
Suzanne Wolko
Suzanne Wolko grew up in Finance & Accounting roles for Financial Services firms. While there she created a Global Business Travel role negotiating airline and hotel contracts for business travelers which combined her two loves - Finance & Travel. Traveling solo to nearly fifty countries, she has navigated the world of airline miles, credit card points and little known travel sites to explore the world for less. Her best award redemptions have been business class to Australia, Easter Island and South Africa. Those savings have allowed her to upgrade her travel experiences and discover private guides, charming cities and feed her chocolate addiction. Recently, she has appearred on interviews with WHYY "You Oughta Know" and BYU radio. She has over 15 years of HR experience which includes recruiting, intern programs and compensation. Sue has been on both sides of the job search - as recruiter and job seeker so she understands the day to day process of job search and the importance of building a strategy for success. She jokes that "meeting Oprah is easier than a job search" and is keen to help job seekers find their voice, tell their story to build networks and have a strategy for job search.
Kathleen Wolper
Founder of Kitchen Wizards, which operated for over 20 years, teaching culinary enrichment programs to children and to adults. Kathy has moved on from her business, but her passion for cooking and baking - especially anything chocolate - has remained. To keep her hand in the batter, Kathy is teaching occasional virtual classes.
Anthony Wood
Anthony Wood has been a freelance photographer since 1981. He has worked in many areas of photography including: location shooting for editorial, corporate and non-profits, documentary and fine art. He’s also been teaching all aspects of photography for over 20 years. Learn more at
Maggie Wreski
Maggie Wreski has taught Irish Dance to adults and children since 1968. After living many places in Europe and the US, she moved to Montgomery Country where she taught Irish Dance at the Irish Pub she owned for many years. In the last decade she has taught country line dance and started Appalachian clogging. She and her dance partner have performed at many national festivals. She's also an avid runner.
Elizabeth Wright
ELIZABETH WRIGHT learned to knit at a Main Line School Night class twenty years ago, and hasn't stopped knitting since. In addition to having taught at Main Line School Night since 2004, she also teaches knitting and crocheting to children at Agnes Irwin in the summer and gives private lessons. She is a member of the Haverford Guild of Craftsmen, a local chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, and participates in local art shows. She knows that anyone can learn to knit, and thoroughly enjoys introducing new knitters to the hobby and helping experienced knitters learn new skills and expand their knitting knowledge.
Asil Yaman
Asil Yaman, Archeologist, Dir., Phoenix Archeol. Project, Turkey; Prof., Villanova U. & Penn Museum
Brille Yom
Brielle Yom is a member of the law firm Harvey, Ballard & Bornstein, LLC and practices in the areas of estate and income tax planning and preparation, estate administration, estate litigation, and tax controversy. She is excited to explore estate planning options with individuals in order to help them plan for the future. Brielle received her juris doctorate degree from Villanova School of Law in 2019, and she earned her LL.M. in Taxation in 2020. Before attending law school, Brielle studied at Shippensburg University where she majored in Mathematics and minored in Business with a concentration in Finance and Accounting. She lives in Malvern with her husband, dog, and two cats.
Sebastian Young
Sebastian Young, MA, East Asian Languages & Civilization, University of Pennsylvania
Hari Zandler
He's called a 'teacher of teachers' whose self-mastery yoga and teacher training programs are based on more than 40 years of practice and teaching. Meet Hari Zandler, a classical Hatha yoga instructor, who has explored the roots of Indian spirituality on several journeys to the sub-continent. As recently as 2016, he observed that India is "a place where the universal principles of ancient wisdom are being rediscovered and integrated into a science of enlightened living for the whole modern world." His teaching and practice of Hatha yoga reflect these observations. "Hatha yoga and meditation are particularly beneficial in helping to alleviate the stresses of modern life," he commented. Dating back to before the 15th century, this ancient yoga informs newer yoga styles and brings an authentic perspective to the practice by focusing on restorative poses, meditation and breathing. Whether you are a new or experienced practitioner, see how this ancient self-discovery approach creates health, harmony and renewal with a foundation of inner peace. Zandler was an Adjunct Professor at Philadelphia University, taught yoga and meditation at St. Joseph's University for 20 years and has been an instructor at Main Line School Night since the early 1980s. At the Philadelphia Inquirer's headquarters, reporters and staff members participate in Zandler's ongoing yoga for stress management classes designed specifically for professionals with challenging jobs.
Michael Zavorski
Mike Zavorski, Home Repair Expert
Tatiana Zelenetskaya Young
TATIANA ZELENETSKAYA YOUNG, a native of Ukraine, is a professor of Anthropology, an archaeologist-Mayanist, a world traveler, a professional dancer, a historical fashionista, and an artisan. Digging through history has been her life’s passion which has ultimately led to her attaining doctorate in Anthropology, with emphasis in ancient Maya. Tatiana is well-traveled, has over 10 years of archeological fieldwork – domestic and abroad, and accompanying years teaching cultural anthropology collegiately. Among her other passions is dance. Tatiana has been involved in performing and teaching Middle Eastern dance for over 17 years. She performed across the tri-state area under her stage name, Kahina Asurah; and, appeared on MIND TV in the history of Belly Dance. Additionally, Tatiana also performs historical dance in the outfits of the time (Colonial, Victorian, Regency and Edwardian) which she has sewn herself. Tatiana enjoys creating during her free time. This can be seen through her resin art with dry flowers, necklaces with different stones and objects, and fluid painting. Tatiana has been teaching at MLSN for the past 10 years and has been featured at local station MLTV21.
Sue Zonino McNamara
Sue McNamara, of Long and Foster Real Estate, is an award-winning real estate agent who specializes in the Main Line and beyond. Sue is an expert in helping people navigate the transition to a smaller home. She counsels you in preparing your home for sale, negotiates contracts, and navigates issues at the settlement table. While selling your home can be a bit daunting, Sue is your partner, providing peace of mind in this often-complicated process. A long-time resident of Wayne, Sue has over 20 years of successful real estate experience. She will happily offer a real estate review of your property.;