Explore the Enigmatic Archaeology of Peru & Ecuador

Code: AA51017

Dates: November 5-19, 2021

Meets: 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM

Sessions: 3

Location: ONLINE

Course Fee: $69.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.

Imagine yourself on an amazing journey to Peru and Ecuador and, through archeological sites, learn about the rituals and customs of their ancient inhabitants. On your virtual visit see magnificent Arequipa surrounded by volcanos which were often chosen as resting places for Inca’s Ice Maidens. “Explore” the Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world, still populated by people of the Colagua and Cabana cultures. Learn about the enigmatic Moche in northern Peru who left no written records but whose artwork is rich in imagery. Conclude your virtual visit with a “stroll” through the old streets of Quito, Ecuador then ”sail” to the Galapagos Islands which inspired Darwin as well as buccaneers who hid there.
Fee: $69.00

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Tatiana Zelenetskaya Young

TATIANA ZELENETSKAYA YOUNG, a native of Ukraine, is a professor of Anthropology, an archaeologist-Mayanist, a world traveler, a professional dancer, a historical fashionista, and an artisan. Digging through history has been her life’s passion which has ultimately led to her attaining doctorate in Anthropology, with emphasis in ancient Maya. Tatiana is well-traveled, has over 10 years of archeological fieldwork – domestic and abroad, and accompanying years teaching cultural anthropology collegiately. Among her other passions is dance. Tatiana has been involved in performing and teaching Middle Eastern dance for over 17 years. She performed across the tri-state area under her stage name, Kahina; and, appeared on MIND TV in the history of Belly Dance. Additionally, Tatiana also performs historical dance in the outfits of the time (Colonial, Victorian, Regency and Edwardian) which she has sewn herself. Tatiana enjoys creating during her free time. This can be seen through her resin art with dry flowers, necklaces with different stones and objects, and fluid painting. Tatiana has been teaching at MLSN for the past 10 years and has even been featured at local station MLTV21.



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